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Wonderful tasting scones, these, although I must admit to NEVER having leftover cranberry sauce, since I usually make big batches of the stuff & use it as is or on top of cottage cheese, ice cream, pound cake, mashed bananas, you name it! And, I like the idea of using it in a recipe just like this one! A great way to have a festive, holiday treat any time of the year! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed in Newest Zaar recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike February 21, 2012

We really liked these, thanks for posting! I used walnuts, but otherwise followed the recipe. I patted the dough into a greased 9" round pan and let them sit in the pan 5 mn. after baking, removed to a cooling rack, glazed, then cut. The house smelled heavenly!

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pammyowl November 18, 2012

Hummmm, I love the flavor, the cranberry and spice are so good (I used 3/4 tsp of cinnamon) and the cranberry is certainly there but it's a great blend and not an overpowering tang. That said, I did use the self rising flour but they didn't rise. They came out of the oven essentially the same hight that they went in and with all of the butter ask for they were rather dry. You will need coffee, tea or milk close by. That shouldn't be a problem at all if your ok with increasing the butter content by at lease half. The glaze might also have helped with the dry issue but I chose to skip it for diabetic reasons, I sprinkled a couple of Tbsp's of raw sugar on top which really cut what would have come in the glaze. If you don't have a sugar issue go for the glaze! it sounds wonderful.

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Annacia April 26, 2012
After the Holiday Scones, Aka Cranberry Sauce Scones