Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 5 mins

A tea time recipe that sounds easy and delicious found on States "The following recipes are some traditional favorites in South Africa." Feel free to use Splenda in place of the sugar (I have done this with good results).

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Simmer milk, coco, sugar and margarine for 5 minutes and remove from stove.
  2. Do not cook longer than 5 minutes!
  3. Add the oats, vanilla and coconut and stir.
  4. Take teaspoon-fulls out and place them on wax paper to cool down.
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So easy to make, and they were very tasty. Definitely on the sweet side. Made for ZWT-7

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YUMMY STUFF! They are reminiscent of no-bake cookies! The kids loved them!

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Awesome cookies JanuaryBride. These are very similar to cookies that we make here in Ontario, except that they are more tender and delicate. Certainly delicious. I shared these with two sets of neighbors, you made three families very happy today. Just what we needed to get rid of the dreary rainy day gloom. Thanks so much for sharing. Made for ZWT7 (Witchin Kitchen)