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Delicious! We really enjoyed this curried chicken dish -- I just love coconut milk and curry. The only change I made was to use bone-in, skinless chicken thighs and I browned them with the onions and curry powder. I added about 20 more minutes cooking time to ensure that the chicken was cooked through. For some reason, the sauce did not thicken up very much, but that's okay -- we served the chicken on top of rice and let the rice soak in all that delicious sauce. Made for Everyday is a Holiday tag, January, 2013.

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Nancy's Pantry January 22, 2013

This was really good & easy to make. I doubled the recipe to serve at a potluck & everyone seemed to like it. I had one comment that it needed more salt, as it was a little too bland, but that was my own fault, I think I forgot to double the amount of salt. I used chicken & diced tomatoes. I will be making this again. Thanks for a really good recipe.<br/>Made for Spring PAC 2014

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Legna May 11, 2014

My husband and I really liked this recipe. Healthy, relatively easy, I bought a roasting chicken and then halved the recipe in order to use up a half can of leftover canned peeled tomatoes. Since I was cooking for two, I removed the two chicken breasts to make about one pound. (Next time I can buy the chicken breasts outright, and save myself some time, or cook the whole chicken and have twice the leftovers (we ate it all up immediately so no deliciousness was left to enjoy the following day!)<br/><br/>I cooked the chicken about 20 minutes, turning it half way through and then dividing them in half once or twice again to make sure everything was cooked through.<br/><br/>I almost forgot to add the lemon so when I threw it in before serving I accidentally squeezed a whole one by mistake so it was a little too much sour tang, but the recipe was still really good despite my error and I'll no doubt make it again, but using all the correct proportions.<br/><br/>I used some leftover sauce with some ground beef the next day for some easy "hamburger helper". I'm sure it would also be great with shrimp, beef or anything else too.

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Mrs. Atkins September 15, 2013

This was great! I also used chicken thighs to save a little money. I served this to my parents w/ some couscous and sauteed kale. I skipped the rice to make it paleo compliant. The coconut milk really gave the dish a lot of flavor and the recipe was easy to make.

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Napoleon Dynamite April 03, 2013

This was easy and delicious! I used Penzey's curry powder and added a little bit of red pepper flakes at the end for extra heat. I really loved the flavors and it was definitely easy to put together on a week night. I served this dish with saffron brown rice and a cauliflower-carrot salad. Delicious! Made for ZWT 7.

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ElleFirebrand June 09, 2011

Mmmmm. Delicious!!! I left the wings and legs whole, and cut up the thighs and breasts. I partially cooked them a little first. I let this simmer a while, and added a little half and half to thin it back out. Great over some rice! Made for the Saucy Silverados for the ZWT!

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Charmie777 June 09, 2011

Wonderful curry, and easy to make! The flavor was nice, and the chicken came out very tender. Thanks for sharing! ZWT7

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Starrynews June 09, 2011

Great chicken curry! Excellent flavor and rather easy to make. I made this as written. My curry powder is a little on the hotter side, so it was fabulous along side of a cool cumber salad that I made. I garnished with fresh chopped parsley and that added a nice touch. Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* June 04, 2011

This was delicious! I used one large fresh tomato instead of canned and chicken breast only. Otherwise I stayed true to the recipe; I would usually add some more spice, but I loved the lemony curry dish just the way it was, seasoned with some salt and pepper. I served basmati rice and Ethiopian Tomato & Cucumber Salad - great dinner. Made for ZWT 7 - Food.Commandoes

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Deantini May 30, 2011

Loved this Chicken Curry Recipe. The coconut milk toned down the curry powder and made it a special treat! I used the "RECIPE#457168" for the curry powder! They compliment one another!

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Shawna Landers May 29, 2011
African Chicken Curry