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Good heavens. This is the best thing ever! I could literally just eat this with a spoon and and be happy forever. This is as close to SPOT ON as it gets. I was nervous to try it for fear that I would be disappointed. I have had the real deal at an authentic Afghan restaurant many times and always wanted to make it at home. WOW. I am so glad I found this and tried it. It is AMAZING. I did make one change: added about 1/4 cup of juice from my sliced jalapeno jar because I only bought one green chili and I like it hotter. Next time, I will double the pepper and possibly add a bit of fresh lemon juice. Cookgirl, you are officially my new favorite Zaary. Cannot thank you enough! Did I say I like it? TWENTY STARS!!

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Messy44 September 25, 2009

Simply delicious!

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tifunny July 20, 2015
Afghani Cilantro Chutney