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Thank you so much for this recipe. It's scrumptious! I felt like a real Italian chef (just plunking a chunk of rich provolone right in the sauce, etc.) I wish I'd read the review about covering the top, because the cheese did burn somewhat by the end of the cooktime, but just made the whole thing more rustic! One suggestion about the time of preparation--despite the caution to read the whole thing through, I didn't allow enough time (or we would have been eating at midnight!), so I cooked the sauce about 20 minutes, and spooned the 2 cups into the dish and put it in the oven. By the time the dish was done, the remainder of the sauce had slow cooked the way it was supposed to, and spooning it on top was just the heavenliest flavor. Maybe it's better with the whole time incorporated to begin with, but I can't imagine! Also, we aren't red meat eaters, so this was done with ground turkey, and still we are rapturous. Thank you!

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Vicki Kaye September 09, 2011

Very good! It went very well with a small salad and garlic bread. It tasted like a big meatball with marinara sauce and cheesy pasta. I cut back on the sugar, and I used tiny sea shells. I made half the of the sauce recipe and still had plenty left over. I froze the remainder sauce. I also covered the pie with foil for the first half hour so the cheese and shells would not dry out and burn. Then I removed the foil for the rest of the baking time. I baked it for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I think next time I will just lower the oven temp to 325 degrees and bake it for 1 hour and 30 minutes then I won't have to cover the pasta pie. No way will this amount fit into a 10 inch pie plate! I put mine into a 13 inch pie plate and there was still plenty! I think next time I will put it into 2 pie plates, freezing one of them.

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Olive* February 20, 2009

I have to agree with you Anchor girl OMG! The sauce was great it had so much flavor. I froze the left over to use on pasta. It was on the sweeter side and I did cut back to 1/2 cup sugar but I thought it was perfect! Great dish when it was all done. Thanks again!

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JFitz September 08, 2011

PLEASE NOTE-THIS RECIPE IS TIME CONSUMING. I finally got the chance to make this. It was so good. I cut the sauce in half. This is one of the best tomato sauces I have ever made. My DH rarely comments on anything and he said the sauce was great. I did cut the sugar in half. It was still sweet so I may decrease it even more. I used dry parsley. I am from St. Louis and this is St. Louis pasta. I miss the good ole fattening pasta you need every once in awhile. I have very little leftovers. I will definitely make this again. The only thing I would change is to add more garlic.

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Ck2plz January 08, 2009

I saw this recipe on 'Ciao America',and hurriedly scribbled down a rough outline of how to make it,so I was delighted to find it posted on Zaar.I cut the recipe in half,as I feared that it would be way too much for two adults and two very small children.It made loads of sauce(so easy to make,although I recommend that you don't actually throw in a large lump of cheese-mine didn't melt very well) .Like others before me I halved the amount of sugar and it was perfect.I also added about 1/2 -1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda to the sauce to take the sting out of the tomatoes (a good trick I learnt here on Zaar). I froze the remainder of mine in little tubs,which has been so useful for a quick meal,and the children are loving it!! The pie itself is quite fantastic.I froze mine for a later date,then defrosted and baked it with no problems whatsoever.I did have to extend the cooking time though,as my crust wasn't quite cooked through.This is a GREAT recipe,and one that I will be using again and again and again....many thanks for sharing,you are a top girl!

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Noo July 02, 2008

Anchor girl, this was absolutely flawless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so much I ate like 2 1/2 servings! Me and my mom made this toninght & couldn't stop eating it! We did make a coulple of changes. I accidently added the garlic to the meat crust but I still added garlic to the sauce & it was still so good! We only added 1/2 cup sugar to the sauce for fear of it being to sweet. It was almost to sweet, but just right. No way was it going to fit in our 11x7 dish so we used a much larger dish. It only cooked 1 hour 15 minutes & it was just right. There is a lot of sauce, so maybe we will put in on spaghetti or something...... ;-) Once again, thanks so much for posting, definetely a keeper! :-)

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------- January 17, 2008

I liked this dish, and would have rated it five stars but I thought the sauce was a little too sweet. I will make this again and cut back to 1/2 cup sugar to see if I like it better with less sugar. I did add more minced garlic (personal preference and I used 96% lean ground beef, and added 3 tbsp milk to the meat mixture to give it some extra moisture because of the low fat content. The meat crust was AMAZING. This dish does require a lot of prep and time, but it was worth it. I made it for my husband's birthday, and he and my two-year old daughter enjoyed it very much. I will make it again and just adjust the amount of sugar for my preference. Overall, I highly recommend this dish.

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jujusmommy November 16, 2006

Loved it, I couldnt find Provolone cheese and used cheddar but the result is great, its the best sauce I have had outside Italy and addictive. 5star.
I reduced the sauce quantities by 1/4 and there was still loads.

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eshawyer August 01, 2010

Turned out very good and tasty. Made this for two but we still have leftovers.

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adopt a greyhound December 12, 2013

This was fantastic, despite the amount of time to prep and bake. It was worth every minute! Yes, tons of sauce, but delicious enough to freeze for later. Thanks for a great find!

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*Jules* September 07, 2011
Adriana's Pasta Pie