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Delicious eggplant dish! I love that the eggplant is baked and not breaded or fried. I peeled mine, and my slices were probably a little thicker than 1/4". Topped with chunky tomato sauce and even DH, who isn't fond of eggplant, thought it was great. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof August 08, 2011

What a great, fast and healthy way to make eggplant. I came home from the farmer's market with an eggplant and made this right away. I used my pannini press (that way I can justify keeping it in the cupboard for another year!) then spooned marinara sauce over the top and sprinkled with Daiya brand vegan cheese. I loved that this recipe doesn't call for tons of oil like most eggplant recipes do. Will make this super easy dish regularly. Thanks for the idea!

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Wish I Could Cook July 13, 2011

What else could one possibly say about an over-the-top, quick recipe that tastes impressive, and is so easy to make, you would of thought you dreamed this dish. I followed this exactly - except added a bit of fresh parsley and fresh basil to the top. Sliced in 1/4 inch rounds. Used the 500 degree method with no problems. Just kept my eye on them.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm February 06, 2011

Fast and easy, great for a diabetic diet. I wouldn't mistake it for pizza because it''s smooshy. But it's delicious!

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Demandy July 07, 2010

Really nice! This went together so well and tasted great. I made it for Father's Day and everyone from the two year old to the 60 year old ate it up. (My four year old was convinced it was pizza!). I have never baked at 500 before and may try 475 next time as it came very close to burning. Thank you so much for posting, I'll be making this often!

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Motivated Mama June 22, 2010

Another winner by Acadia!!! We loved this. I used home made spaghetti meat/mushroom sauce. and It was amazing. I'm a huge egg plant fan so this was right down my ally. Next time i think i might try it with those min inch long eggplants and serve as appetizer over salad. Made for Ramadan tag 2009

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Maya's Mama October 04, 2009

FANTASTIC recipe and a special meal for my wedding anniversary tonight! So easy. I have never made eggplant so perfect. I cut mine longways into "steaks" which worked well. Used your Julie's Pasta Sauce as the sauce and it totally worked! I did not use as much mozzarella cheese as the recipe called for, but I did top it off with a sprinkling of freshly grated parmesean. As a side note, I cut some of the eggplant 1/4 inch and some 1/2 inch. The 1/4 inch ones took about 7 minutes to doneness, then about 3 minutes under the broiler for cheese to brown. The 1/2 inch strips were done in 10 minutes plus browning time for cheese. Some fresh basil would have been a great topping for this! Made as a great vegetarian meal for VEG*N Swap!

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JanuaryBride January 12, 2009

Yum! I halved the recipe but wish I'd made the whole recipe.I doctored up my canned spaghetti sauce, chopping a bunch of baby carrots and baby bell peppers in the food processor, let it cook a little in a saucepan(it gave it a lovely sweet flavor) and then poured over the baked eggplant. I also added in some fresh parsley. All I had was a cheddar mozzarella mix, so used that. Turned out wonderful. Thanks! Made for January Casual Veggie Swap.

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Sharon123 January 14, 2013
Acadia's Baked Eggplant