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Delicious and easy! I normally get frozen creamed spinach for convenience but homemade is so much better! Very impressed with the simplicity of this recipe. Only change I made was using shredded Parmesan and Romano because I didn't have any other white cheese hand. Less salt because the cheese contains more salt. Fantastic!

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aundran July 29, 2014

I made this recipe and it was excellent! My children loved it! Instead of using the cheese that is listed, I used an Italian blend that contained provolone, parmesean, romano and several other cheeses. It was called "Italian Blend". Anyway it was excellent, highly recommend!

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Ericka Hill December 07, 2010

This was a delicious way to serve fresh spinach. I did use fresh and am glad I did; it's so different from frozen which does have its uses. For the cheese I used havarti which was the best-quality creamy-melting cheese I had on hand. It was mild and yummy. I cooked all of the spinach at once in a large pot which is how I always wilt my spinach.

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appleydapply January 05, 2009

I'll grant a tie. This is fantastic creamed spinach. It also is the first time I have had/used asadero cheese and I am delighted to have "discovered" it through this recipe. Thank you! 2Bleu. I think the addition of garlic idea is a good one and may try that in the future. Other than that (and my compulsion to garnish with nutmeg :-) I prepared the recipe as written, with one exception. I didn't like the proportion of spinach to cheese sauce so I nuked some frozen chopped spinach and added it. Lovely. I have to admit that I doubt I will go to the trouble of using fresh spinach in the future.... I recommend this wholeheartedly!

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BarbryT August 18, 2008

OH IS THIS EVER SMOOTH AND SO RICH! I sauteed the onions (1 large) first in 1 tablespoon olive oil and added 2 cloves garlic at the end of sauteing the onions. Then added baby spinach which I left whole and cooked till wilted. Made the white sauce in the microwave oven. I omitted a 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1 tablespoon oil. Then added to the spinach with the cheese. Thanks!

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Rita~ April 06, 2008
Absolutely the Best Creamed Spinach