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This is a great recipe if done correctly. If you add the cold milk and cream to this pudding, you will have a lumpy mess. Warm the milk to dissolve the pudding before adding the cream and mixing.

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Kitchen Enthusiast October 25, 2007

I made this to go on a cake for my Mom who is a diabetic. It was wonderful! I used vanilla pudding, 2 cups whipping cream, and 2 cups 1% milk. Next time I'll do the 3 to 1 ratio listed. I made a cake in a pan with a lid, and this was twice as much frosting as we needed to frost just the top of a 9x13. We froze the rest, I"ll update when we thaw and use it. I made the cake from a Pillsbury reduced sugar cake mix with club soda and vanilla extract. I can't wait to try this frosting with many more flavors and to top many more cakes! Thanks so much!

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ColCadsMom July 15, 2008

I made this recipe using Sugar Free Chocolate pudding. It turns out tasting just like Chocolate mousse..it does not have an "icing" consistency. It's just like putting mousse on top of your cake. I did take advice from other reviews and cut the recipe in half and used less milk etc. Milk is NOT sugar free so I used less milk. Unsweetened Almond milk would make it totally sugar free though. Taste good but does not turn out like icing you are familiar with.

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olemisrebs_8026862 July 26, 2014

I made Died and Went to Heaven Chocolate Cake,diabetic Version in 9" cake pans and frosted it with this recipe using sugar-free french vanilla pudding. I took the cake to a work luncheon and it was a huge hit. I had half a dozen people ask me for the recipe and they were shocked to find out the frosting was totally sugar free. This recipe is going right into my keeper file. Made for Diabetic Cooking Tag Game.

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Crafty Lady 13 May 22, 2011

I cut the ingredients in half to frost a small sugar-free cake for my diabetic father and he loved it! So did I. Thanks for your creativity and sharing with the rest of us. A TRUE SUGAR-FREE FROSTING! A Keeper! Frosted this chocolate "frosting" over Splenda Blend Sour Cream Pound Cake (Splenda Blend Sour Cream Pound Cake). Both are sugar-free for diabetics with taste!

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~Srb~ May 17, 2007

This is YUMMY !!! Super easy to make! My daughter is doing a wedding cake and they requested that one tier be sugar free. She chose this frosting and it is awesome. She made a "practice" batch today to check it out and she was able to decorate with it as well. Thanks for posting your recipe!!

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Pvt Amys Mom March 12, 2006

A good thing did come from this recipe; I have always wanted a low-sugar chocolate mousse and that is what I got. I still used it as frosting but since it is the consistency and color of chocolate mousse, it looks like little piles of dog poo on the cupcakes. It may be possible to thin it a bit but I wasn't experimenting with the only batch I could make. It was for my husband and son, so they had fun with it but put this in ramikins with some berries on top and a sprinkle of powder sugar and you have a gorgeous mousse.

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Shanna C. March 20, 2016

I just whipped this up for my diabetic husband and he said it tasted ok but the texture was like butter. I didn't have any lumpy issues and I didn't heat the milk I just mixed the pudding mix and cream together first then slowly added the milk after it had come together to get to the right consistency for frosting. I'm sure eating it with a spoon from the mixing bowl probably isn't a fair test and the buttery/ greasiness of it will be cut by putting it on a cake. I didn't think it was too bad for sugar free but definitely not the same as vanilla buttercream frosting made with powdered sugar. Still the best "sugar free" frosting I've come across so far but will continue to look.

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suzysweettooth February 23, 2016

As far as taste and how easy it is to make I would have gave it more stars maybe 3 or 4. But as far as sugar free, that it is not. There is 12 grams of sugar in one cup of skim milk. And 1 gram of sugar in every table spoon of heavy whipping cream. The truth is this frosting has allot of sugar. What the title should say is "No Sugar Added". There is a difference. No doubt that regular frosting would have way more sugar in it, and this is a great alternative, but to claim that this one has absolutely no sugar, is faults.

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kristy541 October 13, 2015

amazing!! made for my diabetic grandma's birthday!! simple and great!

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Karina C. August 16, 2014
Absolutely Sugar Free Frosting