Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is so simple and so good, not just as frosting either!! I am a recently diagnosed diabetic with a gigantic sweet tooth, so I am always looking for goodies. I was sitting around bored and craving something sweet one day and this is what happened. This is pretty low in carbs too-- which is great for diabetics as well as low carb dieters. But beware, it is NOT low in fat!! This recipe makes a bunch, but I am pretty sure it can be reduced by parts. The serving number is a guess-- it depends on what you use this for.


  1. Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Using electric mixer at low speed, mix til pudding is dissolved. Increase speed and whip until it is spreading consistency.
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This is a great recipe if done correctly. If you add the cold milk and cream to this pudding, you will have a lumpy mess. Warm the milk to dissolve the pudding before adding the cream and mixing.

Kitchen Enthusiast October 25, 2007

I made this to go on a cake for my Mom who is a diabetic. It was wonderful! I used vanilla pudding, 2 cups whipping cream, and 2 cups 1% milk. Next time I'll do the 3 to 1 ratio listed. I made a cake in a pan with a lid, and this was twice as much frosting as we needed to frost just the top of a 9x13. We froze the rest, I"ll update when we thaw and use it. I made the cake from a Pillsbury reduced sugar cake mix with club soda and vanilla extract. I can't wait to try this frosting with many more flavors and to top many more cakes! Thanks so much!

ColCadsMom July 15, 2008

I made this recipe using Sugar Free Chocolate pudding. It turns out tasting just like Chocolate does not have an "icing" consistency. It's just like putting mousse on top of your cake. I did take advice from other reviews and cut the recipe in half and used less milk etc. Milk is NOT sugar free so I used less milk. Unsweetened Almond milk would make it totally sugar free though. Taste good but does not turn out like icing you are familiar with.

olemisrebs_8026862 July 26, 2014