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There's no such thing as bad sticky toffee pudding but some are better than others. Some people prefer the light, golden type and others the dark, dense type. I prefer the latter, especially when it is made with black treacle. While tasty, this recipe seemed to lack 'something' compared to others I've made, which surprised me considering that I thought coffee would make the flavor more complex. The sauce was different with the "twice boiled then broiled" method so I may try it with another recipe.

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StickyToffee December 23, 2009

These were great and very sinful. The recipe calls for stone dates and I just got what ever dates the produce section at my grocery had, don't know if they were the right ones, but they seemed to work just fine. I really dislike coffee and was a little worried that I wouldn't like this because of the coffee in it but I would have never known there was coffee in the pudding if I hadn't made it myself.

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Queen Dana November 05, 2008
Absolutely Sinful! Sticky Toffee Pudding With Pecan Toffee Sauce