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I used regular rolled oats in this recipe. This was a simple recipe to put together. I was unsure how to eat it after it baked. We tried cutting and eating it - which was a little dry. Then we put it in a bowl and broke it apart and added some milk and it was wonderful!! If I had known ahead of time we were still going to add milk I would have warmed the milk and/or bowl, because the milk cooled it down considerably. My husband said he would like me to remember this for Father's Day as he really enjoys oatmeal.

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Trisha W August 26, 2007

This was a very yummy and filling breakfast, that was easy to prepare, too, which is always a plus. :) For my taste it tasted a bit too eggy, but maybe thats becuase I left the maple syrup and didnt add the butterscotch chips. Nonetheless I liked this a lot and will be making it again. THANKS FOR SHARING! Made and reviewed during Veggie Swap #62 September 2013.

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Lalaloula September 27, 2013

Made this for my dbf who loves oatmeal! Added only 1/4 maple syrup (and no sugar) as he doesn't like his oatmeal sweet!! Used skin milk. Didn't add any butterscotch chips... Thanks Jen! :)

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Redsie March 20, 2008

I really liked the flavor of the cinnamon, nutmeg and pecans with the oatmeal. I used two egg whites for each whole egg, and individual (large) ramekins, which worked nicely. Spraying the baking dish(es) first would be helpful with clean up. Let them cool about 3 minutes before eating. Thanks for the innovative idea!

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Maito September 04, 2007

WOW! I loved the Absolute Best overnight Baked Oatmeal. I also added the butterscotch chips. It is sooooooo much better than the normal oatmeal!

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High school musical fan! August 26, 2007

I enjoyed the flavour of this but I also cut the sugar in half & found it still very very sweet. I did use butterscotch chips too so sugar could be cur down by a lot if using these. Although I enjoyed the flavour of this I did half an issue with the texture. I found it very crumbly more like a pie than an oatmeal, I would have liked it to be more creamy. Great potential here & with a few tweaks this could be great.

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**Mandy** August 24, 2007

We really enjoyed this recipe.. it was the first time I have make baked oatmeal. I made it for my parents and they took home the recipe! however, I think it is way too sweet for a breakfast dish. I cut the sugar and maple syrup in half planning on serving extra at the table if anyone needed it, but it was just fine with half the sweetener. This was easily doubled in a 13x9 pan, but I recommend checking it at 20 minutes as mine was almost overdone by 25. My 3 year old son didn't really like it.. he preferred my plain old oatmeal (shock of all shocks!) but when I served him a slice cold the next day and told him it was like a granola bar he loved it! :) We've enjoyed the leftovers and may make this again if we have company for breakfast. Thanks so much for creating and submitting this recipe for RSC #10!

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Al Al August 24, 2007

I have a confession....I did not use the heavy cream; however, it was very good. In place of the cream I used soy milk which is what I had in the refrigerator and Splenda brown sugar blend in place of brown sugar. It was nicely sweet and I loved the crunch that the chopped pecans provided. I resisted the temptation to sprinkle in the butterscotch chips but I bet that is awesome.

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PaulaG August 24, 2007

This oatmeal has great potential, but even after cutting the brown sugar and maple syrup in half, it was still much too sweet for us. It also really needed a pinch of salt for flavor. On the plus side, I had worried that there wouldn't be enough liquid for the oatmeal, but the consistency was perfect. Made for RSC No. 10

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puppitypup August 24, 2007
Absolute Best Ovenight Baked Oatmeal