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I made this yesterday as a special meal for my husband since he came from abroad and wanted to pamper him with his favourite dish :) It was more delicious than I expected and it really deserves more than 5 stars. I made some adjustments as per below but it turned out just as wonderful:
1. instead of Italian sausage, I used Milan salami as I couldn't find
2. I used 1/4 lb. mozzarella for the ricotta filling as I didn't have enough
3. I prepared some white sauce using milk, margarine, salt and flour and topped the lasagne with it. I became super creamy and I only used about 2 table spoons of mozzarella on top of the sauce.

Simply delicious and I WOWWed my husband with it :)

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Venetrix December 03, 2012

This was really good but the there should not be a layer of noodles on top. It should have had sauce then cheese. The noodles got super hard and the cheese became one with the noodles so you lost the ooey gooey effect. Great flavor, but missed the mark with the execution.

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Bekah49036 May 14, 2012

Very good! I used some cooked bacon instead of sausage as that's what I happened to have on hand, and 8 garlic cloves! I usually make lasagna with Bechamel sauce rather than a ricotta mixture, so this was a nice change of pace for me. The lasagna noodles I used were pre-cooked, and the next time I will moisten the top layer with something before sprinkling on the cheese - the top layer turned out a bit dry because the noodles were dry going into the oven! Thank you for a lovely recipe!

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stormylee October 06, 2011

I have made this lasagna multiple times. It always turns out great!!! My husband loves it and he is Italian! Not dry, not runny, perfect!

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johnson May 13, 2011

I have been teaching myself how to cook and thought I would give lasagna a try. I used this recipe after the enticing photos caught my eye. I was a little confused at the term "divided in regards to the mozzarella cheese, and didn't realize there was an entirely separate pan made just for lasagna. However, I was able to make this recipe. It was really easy to work through - even for a beginner like me, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Thank you so much for the family recipe. Five stars over and over!

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Travis D. July 08, 2015

I am a real lasagne lover and have tried numerous lasagne recipes, I also have my own recipe that I adore but always want to try something a bit different. I loved how this lasagne has ricotta, I love ricotta but I found the ricotta topping to be very dry although I followed the directions to the T. Overall I found the whole lasagne to be very dry and lacking flavour. I had to add some stock while it was cooking because of the lack of liquid. I want to try this again but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Considering I spent over $25 on the ingredients.

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Miki B. June 05, 2015

My first attempt at lasagna and for the hubby's birthday and it was a huge success with this recipe. He asked me to make sure I made note of any changes I made to the recipe so that I was sure to make it exactly the same the next time. The only changes I made was I used 1 lb sausage and 1 lb beef, a little more cheese and a little more garlic to our tastes. But, basically followed the recipe to a T. So good! Thank you!!!

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Crashsmom May 07, 2015

This just became my new "go to" lasagna recipe which I've been hunting for. It is delicious, simple and the flavours aren't complicated, which I appreciate...it is a great old school meaty/cheesy lasagna!! My husband & our friends agree, "throw away your other recipe's that you've clipped, saved or copied from someone, this is the one". Do try the recipe as is the very first time (it appears as though the author has edited it & updated it based on other reviewers comments, so trust it, it is current and easy to follow) but also be creative and make it your own next time by adding spinach and/or nutmeg to the ricotta mixture...or replacing some of the meat with chopped portabella mushrooms. Regardless of how you make it your own, keep this recipe as your base. It is wonderful and delicious!

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Tracy April 06, 2015

Awesome! I've made a lot of pans of lasagna and this recipe is the best. I used the cottage cheese and had to double the sauce because I used my lasagna pan which is a bit larger. I also used the no boil noodles. I cooked it for 40 minutes covered, uncovered the last 5 minutes and let it rest for 20 minutes before cutting it. <br/>Tip: Don't try to spread the cheese mixture, drop it by the spoonful and leave it.

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Kiersten G. February 12, 2015

Super yummy and easy to make. We made it using just hot Italian sausages and it was still super meaty and decadent. I used no boil lasagna noodles and it turned out perfect.

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Lt. Amy January 31, 2015
Absolute Best Ever Lasagna