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Made this for noon mess today, used about 1/2 cup of fresh parsley insted of dried and it turned out great. Make sure you let it stand after baking as it is a tad bit runny. SCMEDIC

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SCMedic October 25, 2002

Now this is truly outstanding. Absolute best is right. The sauce is they key. The combination of ground beef and Italian sausage is brilliant. Lots of oregano and basil too. Very rich with cheese too. We LOVED this and believe me, I am spreading the word. Thanks for posting this.

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Laylagirl August 26, 2002

Should come with warning...only make if you're experienced at making lasagna. Directions were confusing and I forgot the tomato paste because of hire they were written. Also I didn't know to put sauce on top or cover with foil before baking...so my to noodles came out crunchy. Will try again though now that I know.

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moonlitsiren January 26, 2012

SO GOOD! This was my first time making Lasagna in the oven and not the crock pot. I dont think I will ever do it any other way again. After reading other reviews, here is what I did.
I doubled the sauce (were saucy people) and we dipped our garlic toast in the left over sauce. I used only ground beef, because it is what I had on hand. I used Italian seasoning instead of the other seasonings. 2 TBSP of brown sugar in the sauce. I put my cheese mixture right into my meat sauce. I find it easier to layer that way. It was to die for! I feel like I am going to roll everywhere because I ate so much! Thank you for posting!

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3boysnlovinit June 19, 2011

I made your lasagna for our anniversary dinner. What a treat. The sauce is very, very meaty which is how my husband and I like it. Sometimes, at restaurants, it is hard to detect any meat at all in the sauce. Great seasonings and the cheese adds a delectible richness. I do recommend letting the lasagna sit for about 15-20 minutes before serving. Otherwise it is a little runny. I have found that to be true with all the lasagna recipes I have tried. A gem of a recipe. Thanks.

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EmmaTaylor March 08, 2003

This is wonderful and it did really stay stacked up when serving. Like others, I used diced tomatoes, along with the paste. I tried half cottage cheese, that I let dry on paper towels in the fridge for an hour or so, and I slathered Ricotta on the no boil noodles like peanut butter on a cracker. Since I couldn't decide between Ricotta and Cottage, I went with both! It was delicious, and enormous and got raves from all who sampled the leftovers as well.

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stace is eating at home tonight August 10, 2010

This is EXACTLY the same as the lasagna recipe I got from my best friend back in high school...in the late 60's. It is INCREDIBLE & believe me, I've made lots of lasagnas over the past 45 years! This recipe takes a bit more time, but what good Italian cooking doesn't? Leftovers freeze well too...if there are any. I've even caught my dear SIL making a "sandwich" using cold lasagna, sliced into thick slices. Oh...be sure to use a deep straight-sided baking dish. The Bobby Flay line of stoneware sold at Kohl's has a very nice one with handles that is great for this lasagna. This recipe is so generous it will overflow a standard 9x13 glass pan. And be sure to let it "rest" about 10 minutes before cutting or it will ooze it's cheesy goodness all over the plate!

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JKBerney October 08, 2013

This recipe is amazing! The only bad note is that the meat sauce should also top the final layer of the noodles, or else it dries out very quickly. I also had to add extra sauce (about another can of tomato sauce, 8 oz) because it wasn't very moist. Letting it stand for 15 minutes is just right. The flavor is perfect, exactly the way lasagna should be!

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badkitty87 April 16, 2012

I've been making the same lasagna for over 50 years - the recipe from Better Homes & Garden. I've always really liked it. Rather than dig out my recipe, I looked on Food.com to see if i could find a similar one. This was really close, but used more meat and more spices. This was awesome - I won't be going back to my old recipe - this is the one I will use from now on. Thanks so much for posting.

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Connie Lea January 03, 2011

Super yummy!! Made it with half ricotta and half cottage cheese. I was nervous about using all cottage cheese but the consistency with half was good. The lasagna even stood up well after cooking and it looked pretty!

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jeni.sully0311 August 18, 2010
Absolute Best Ever Lasagna