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I love bread sticks and was happy to find this recipe. I made the full dough amount and made 8 bread sticks from it (there are just two of us at home currently) and they turned out perfectly. The rest of the dough I wrapped and put into the freezer to use as pizza crust when the weather cools back to normal. Handy recipe this :D

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Annacia July 16, 2011

May 7, 2010: I stumbled on this recipe after just starting a diet that allows two grissini breadsticks or two pieces of melba toast a day. I had NO idea what grissini was! I'm thrilled to find out they are dairy and sugar free! I made these in the bread machine but was out of bread flour so I used BRM's fine ground wheat flour instead. Both kids inhaled these, wheat or not! I made shorter breadsticks this time, no doubt because the ww flour made the dough heavier & less pliable. I'll be making these again very soon (probably tomorrow) with bread flour. Thanks so much for posting this recipe, Pets! Made & enjoyed for the May 2010 LiveSTRONG cookathon. UPDATE May 8, 2010: Today I sifted 3 Tablespoons of vital wheat gluten into 3 cups of all-purpose flour & made this recipe again. WOW!! What a difference a little extra gluten made! The dough rose better, it was much more pliable (as to be expected) and was generally easier to work with. I made foot-long bread sticks in a cinch! The recipe is really very easy, even the rolling part, as the dough isn't sticky at all. I sprinkled my rolling mat periodically with 1 part sea salt & 3 parts poppy seeds. They're only just out of the oven & one pan is already gone! :D We'll be making this often, so thanks again!

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**Tinkerbell** May 08, 2010

I made these last night for dinner, using my bread machine. I cut the recipe in half and it made eight short, thicker breadsticks. They turned out more like longer oval rolls, so next time I would roll them thinner and longer strips, but the taste was still good no matter what shape. Thanks Pets'R'us.

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diner524 February 08, 2008

I made this on my Kitchen Aid with some amount adjustments, I used 3 teaspoons dry yeast, thanks Pet!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz January 20, 2007
Abm Italian Breadsticks- Grissini