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This is very different. Nice that I made it. DD1 (toddler) liked the meat balls and picked them out to eat. I didn't offer this stew to DH because the taste is not something common to us (tangy sweet-sour). I gradually added more water while cooking because it kept simmering away since the pot is not to be completely covered. I used regular cooking onions, Pakistani white Basmati rice, canola oil, sea salt to taste, a bit less fresh mint, scallions, I didn't add any sugar as I never noticed since it wasn't called for in the instructions, Cortas (the recipe poster and my favorite so far) pomegranate molasses, lean ground beef, flat leaf parsley, freshly ground black pepper, plus the rest of the ingredients. Made for FEBRUARY 2012 NA/ME TAG :)

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UmmBinat February 04, 2012
Aash- E Anar (Pomegranate Stew)