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The recipe worked well for me, I could not buy Kirsch so used Cherry Brandy instead, also I piped a 'wall' of butter cream around the outer edge of the layer that had chocolate mousse to hold it all together. I didn't get around to putting the cream on the outside as I was making it as a trial for another occasion.. It is VERY rich!! And the cherry brandy is a bit too strong, maybe Cointreau or Triple sec would have been better for me and not the fault of the recipe. One other thing, if you don't like a "gritty" butter cream, maybe use another recipe that uses sugar syrup instead of confectioners sugar ( like a mock cream recipe) to make the butter cream. It makes a spectacular looking cake which got lots of oohs!! and aah s!! when I made it. I followed the recipe process to build the cake, chilling and waiting between the layers and it all went perfectly. A lovely recipe to impress yourself and the guests/family.

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fruii November 05, 2010

Hi Leslie, I have made your cake now 3 ok maybe 4 times. It is time consuming but well worth the effort. I have been looking for this type of recipe for a long time THANK YOU. I owned a bakery in Victoria B.C. and our recipe was very similiar. Once again "EXCELLENT". P.S. I always make this when I am home alone listening to great music and nobody to disturb me, turns out great every time.

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Bonne Ambiance April 21, 2009
A Pâtissier's Black Forest Cake