A.m.f (Adios Mother * Censored*)

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Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

This drink is a favorite of mine when I've had a bad day and just want one good stiff drink to put me in a better mood. I used to make them lots in Portland. I introduced a few people to them during Mardi Gras too. I ALWAYS use Tequila for this drink. It adds just the right zing. Some snobby drinkers insist that the only Long Island "type" drink that should have Tequila in it is in fact a "Long Island". I don't personally agree, but you can leave it out if you want to. Just make sure to add a little more vodka in it's place.

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  1. Fill a pint with ice.
  2. Add vodka, gin, rum, tequila, curacao, sour and 7UP.
  3. Stir with a straw, garnish with lemon, lime and cherry. Serve.
Most Helpful

My favorite mixed drink. Also called Electric Lemonade. You can skip the sour mix if you want. You can also skip the blue curacao, but I love having my drink blue, plus it adds a little bit of sweetness. These are very, very, very potent. I used to drink these when I bowled on a league. By the middle of the second game I stopped caring what my score was.

Laura O. October 13, 2007

I did the 1 serving for 2 drinks. It was delicious. Very potent :P I can't wait to do it again. And the color is wonderful. Thanks Angela :)

Boomette September 14, 2007

After seeing the beautiful photo in the forums I couldn't resist buying the ingredients for this amazing cocktail. I made 64 ounces of this to take to the Jersey shore for a 4 day vacation. I mixed all the liquor together and then took the sour mix and 7-up on the side to add as each drink was made. In place of sour mix I substituted Crystal Light Lemonade mix which is a lower calorie substitution for the sugary high calorie sour mix. Funny because with all those liquor calories I don't know why I bothered worrying about it. This cocktail is refreshing and delicious! I think the tequila is also a 'must'. Thanks!

luvmybge September 06, 2007