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TERRIFIC recipe! Wow... I will NEVER use a chocolate cake mix again! This cake doesn't last 2 days between my BF and I. The second and third time I've made this cake I've used SWEETENED chocolate instead of unsweetened and I prefer it this way but that's a matter of preferance. Its an excellant recipe either way!

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Safari Time June 29, 2006

This recipe did not work out very well for me. The taste was there but the look of the cake wasn't. I think what fouled me up was in step #5 it says 'Stir in chocolate and dry ingredients.' I stirred in the chocolate and the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon rather than mix it in on low with the mixer. I was not able to incorporate all of the flour and so the top of my cake had a funny white film on it. It tasted good as a snack cake but I could not have served it to company.

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Marie Nixon September 27, 2005

Easy to make, great taste. Feels like it's melting in your mouth. The only thing I did different was to melt the chocolate in a saucepan. Was using my double-boiler for something else and melting in the microwave and me don't agree (I always end up having to clean the whole thing and the stuff that should have been melted sort of "spread" through the microwave.....)Anyway, I used 1/4 c of the water to be able to melt the chocolate without it getting gritty. Worked perfectly. Definitely a keeper. Thanks.

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Chef Dudo November 18, 2004
A Little Chocolate Cake