A@@ Kicking Porterhouse Steak

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Awesome. keep it simple, taste your steak.


  1. remove steak from fridge, allow to come to room temp . take a moment to sip your beer and marvel at the steak you're about to consume. it marbled, it's a Porterhouse, it's a symphony. focus. salt and pepper both sides of the steak to your liking. NO steak seasoning, none of that crap. when coals are heated move coals to one side of grill. sear steak for 1 minute per side over hot coals. after searing both sides cook over indirect heat (other side of grill) for 8-10 minutes. remove, let sit for 10 minutes before cutting. enjoy the beefy bliss before you!
Most Helpful

Great! Just what your intro says! The only change I made was to substitute a glass of chardonnay for the beer, lol. Thanks hannah's dad for a great meal. Made for PAC Spring 2010.

lazyme April 04, 2010

Great steaks. I used ribeyes instead of porterhouse. Made for New Kids on the Block.

mightyro_cooking4u March 25, 2010