Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 3 mins

Growing up in Kearney, Missouri in the '60s & '70s the only place in town that had a true soda fountain was Matthew's Drug Store. On very special occasions we were allowed to order a Homemade. Gently warm the toppings for the best results.


  1. In tall sundae glass start with a drizzle of chocolate syrup.
  2. Place 1 scoop vanilla ice cream and drizzle liberally with chocolate syrup.
  3. Place 1 scoop chocolate ice cream next and add generous scoop of marshmallow creme.
  4. Sprinkle with 1-2 tablespoons finely chopped assorted nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts and peanuts).
  5. Garnish with canned whipped cream around the edge only.
  6. *For best results, gently warm the chocolate syrup and marshmallow creme before placing in sundae.
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Having grown up in Platte City, Missouri during the same time frame this brought back lots of good memories. I worked at the local hanburger/soda stand during high school and wish I had a dollar for everyone of these I made back then. Thanks for the reminder of simpler times.

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Couldn't help commenting on this as I grew up about 120 miles norteast of Kearney in Macon, Mo in the 60's and our drugstore served these under the name of Old Maid. Sure was good as a Saturday morning treat.