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Made recipe as written... excellent! Have fork and knife ready and enjoy!

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MissHeather September 21, 2011

These were great!!! And different. We grilled the burgers instead of frying. I wasn't shy with the cajun spice since we like it spicy and we used Cheddar for the cheese. The slaw is what put these over the top for us. I had the fried egg, but my boys just couldn't do it. As another reviewer said they were messy but good, cuz messy = yummy in our house. We are definately Floozies in our house now!!!!!

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RepoGuysWife July 18, 2008

Yep, Another Texan here fixin the Doozie Floozie Burger. DH-DD & I all say Yee~Hawwwwwww! Didn't think we would like the "slaw" but we did! I used fresh premade ground chuck patties since there were only 3 of us. I sprinkled them liberally with cajun spice. I used the sweet onions, dill pickle and butterhead lettuce all sliced or chopped pretty fine. I tried mine without the bun top but caved in and placed it on top but ate with a fork & knife cuz it was so messy. Messy is good! I bought big mushrooms and sauteed them in butter. And our burgers must always have real cheddar cheese, nothing else will do. heh heh! We loved it & will fix it again. From a Hot Plate Houdini Cooked for ZWT3

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yaya78006 June 25, 2007

Allright, ya floozies! We tried your burger here in Texas, and we even went topless, though you know that ain't right. We liked ALL them flavors, the cajun spiced burger especially, but we thought that it was a tall order, even for Texas where everything's BIG! Though we loved the taste of the simple slaw, we thought it tasted best on the side of that towering mass y'all call a burger, especially since ya ain't got a top bun to hold'er down. (Seriously, though - great burger, the fried egg surprised us by being really tasty, next time, we'll put the slaw on the side.) Good job, ya FLOOZIES! From one of Z-Best Chefs. :)

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CraftScout June 21, 2007

I served this delicious burger at a father's day BBQ i hosted for all the fathers in my life. It was great! Everyone raved about it uniqueness and flavor. I am impressed by a bunch of Floozies!! Great job on this recipe ladies. Kudos.

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tornadoes three June 19, 2007

Now this is a taste extravaganza! I loved the "slaw". It was a highlight for me. Mushrooms are wonderful anytime and were great here. I don't think that the egg did anything for the burger. It didn't make it distasteful, it just didn't add anything in my opinion. I tried it open-faced and then put the top on because a burger just isn't a burger without the top on! However, this baby could do well on it's own without a bun at all. Tasty little number. Way to go Floozies!

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GaylaV June 04, 2007

Very good! I was only cooking for 2, so I made a quarter of the recipe. Instead of using cajun seasoning, I used seasoned salt, pepper, and a little bit of cayenne. The burger was very creamy, due to the slaw, egg and cheese, with the bite of dill pickle and onion. We enjoyed it. Made for ZWT III.

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Michelle Berteig June 03, 2007

This burger is OUTSTANDING!!! The only thing I was missing were the mushrooms, because I used them all in another recipe for ZWT3. I made the cajun seasoning by Mirj but I cut the garlic down for dh. My dh didn't want the egg on his, but I insisted and put it on there anyway. He said "This is a keeper, you Floozies should open a diner". :) I was so happy it turned out so well. If you rate this burger, be sure to rate Amy's Dill Pickle and Lettuce Hamburger " Slaw" by Redneck Epicurean. It is great and is the 1st four ingredients in this recipe. Way to go Floozies!!! Remembering Amy!!!

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Chef Mommie June 01, 2007

I halved the recipe and fed this to my DH, who just adored it! What a great Southern burger! I am now an official Floozie! Although my DH did choose to put a top bun on :lol: Go Fantabulous Friendly Foodie Floozies!!!

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Sharon123 May 30, 2007

Auntie Jan, this is THE MOST FUN recipe I have EVER read on ANY recipe sites, you truly had me laughing out loud. :) I AM going to try this soon, it sounds delicious...will report back then, and pray I can report that I to am a Floozie. lol :) Hugs from Tasmania.

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Darjan4055 May 22, 2013
A Doozie of a Floozie Burger