A Doozie of a Floozie Burger

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 20 mins

A burger to tempt your senses--from clear down south--you never had it so good! One taste of our burger and you're going to declare yourself an Honorary Floozie. The ultimate open-faced burger, but don't hesitate to put your top bun on if you're feeling a little shy (we didn't get the nickname Floozie for nuthin' ya know!).

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  1. Mix together your sweet onion, dill pickle, mayonnaise and finely chopped lettuce and set aside (In Amy's words, "you want the ingredients to marry").
  2. Fry your eggs until no longer runny and set aside. (Very Important Ingredient) You do want the whole Floozie Experience don't you?.
  3. Mix together your ground beef, cajun seasoning and pepper, forming into 8 burgers.
  4. Fry your burgers until they are no longer pink inside. Set aside and place a slice of tomato on top.
  5. Saute your mushrooms in butter and portion out onto your burgers and immediately top with cheese and your Fried Egg.
  6. Top with the slaw toppings (*in memory of Amy*) then declare yourself a Floozie – Remember, this is a topless…ummm…open faced burger. I ask you -- would a Floozie want it any other way?.
  7. We can't help it if you want your extra bun on top, but take it from us, its a whole lot more fun without.


Most Helpful

Allright, ya floozies! We tried your burger here in Texas, and we even went topless, though you know that ain't right. We liked ALL them flavors, the cajun spiced burger especially, but we thought that it was a tall order, even for Texas where everything's BIG! Though we loved the taste of the simple slaw, we thought it tasted best on the side of that towering mass y'all call a burger, especially since ya ain't got a top bun to hold'er down. (Seriously, though - great burger, the fried egg surprised us by being really tasty, next time, we'll put the slaw on the side.) Good job, ya FLOOZIES! From one of Z-Best Chefs. :)

CraftScout June 21, 2007

Made recipe as written... excellent! Have fork and knife ready and enjoy!

MissHeather September 21, 2011

These were great!!! And different. We grilled the burgers instead of frying. I wasn't shy with the cajun spice since we like it spicy and we used Cheddar for the cheese. The slaw is what put these over the top for us. I had the fried egg, but my boys just couldn't do it. As another reviewer said they were messy but good, cuz messy = yummy in our house. We are definately Floozies in our house now!!!!!

RepoGuysWife July 18, 2008

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