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This mix rules!!! There are tons of variations for this mix too - an email was floating around with the variations. I DOUBLE this mix recipe and we eat muffins whenever we like - which is several mornings a week. What we don't eat of the 24-36 muffins this recipe makes each use - I freeze and use for snacks on the road or take to a friend's house. Great mix to have on hand for a bigger family.

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Chef Two Hearts February 15, 2010

I gave this mix a try because I wanted one that used dry buttermilk. I only made 1/2 a recipe, mostly because I wanted to try it before I used so much of the ingredients, but I'm glad I did, 'cause I wouldn't have had a big enough bowl to mix a whole recipe. I bagged individual batches for future ease, and ended up with 2 full batches, and 1 half batch (which I bagged with instructions to use 1/2 the called for additional ingredients). Also, I omitted the nutmeg from the mix, as I didn't have any.

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Kzim4 February 18, 2008
A-B-C Muffin Base Mix