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I used "medium" Barley and I also needed to add more water. The barley did not swell like if it were in a soup so that is why I say it needed more water. But it was very good and easy to make. Thanks for sharing I love barley!

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Charlotte J July 10, 2002

I made ths last night. I had to add more liquid as the barley was sort of hard. It was delicious noetheless. Next time I will add beef broth instead of water. Even my husband and daughter who are very "PICKY" eaters, had seconds. I had pearl barly in the house that I use for Beef Barey Soup. It is definitely a "keeper'

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josamdasmom March 16, 2003

This was excellent in flavor, nutrition and texture. I loved it. I chopped all the vegetables with a few pulses in the food processor, so that made it quick and easy to prepare too. I made a few minor changes substituting ground turkey for the ground beef and used olive oil to fry instead of shortening. Normally I would have used the barley called for but I had some pearled wheat leftover that I bought to make an Italian grain pie at Easter and I wanted to use some of it up. It is so similar to barley and worked out nicely in this recipe. My only problem was I had to add a lot more water than the recipe called for. I added an additional 3 coffee mugs worth of water. But it was all absorbed nicely and this turned out great. will definitely make this again :)

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Steve P. April 14, 2002

This is a hearty meal with flavors very similar to the goulash my mother made while I was growing up. Of course, her goulash had noodles instead of the fiber-rich barley. My husband enjoyed this when served with a tossed salad and fresh bread. It was really satisfying. I did make a few changes in the preparation, though. I subbed a can of beef broth for the original water. I also had no celery on hand (and therefore omitted it) and subbed a red pepper for the green. I subbed about a tablespoon of Montreal Steak Seasoning for the salt and pepper. I used Pearl (or medium) Barley and required an additional 6 cups of water before the barley was tender through simmering. I topped the finished casserole with chopped fresh parsley for color. Overall, this is a simple meal that definately qualifies as comfort food.

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Ms B. January 12, 2004

Everyone liked this when I made it. I used mushrooms instead of green peppers, and I'm sure I used a lot more than 1/2 cup. I also left out the tomato sauce. It seemed quite flavoful even though there are not a lot of seasonings. I think the mushrooms added a lot of flavor. The barley made it seem very filling and satisfying.

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ranch-girl April 20, 2007

Nice comfort food! I used ground chuck instead of the lean ground beef and omitted the shortening. Also added two cloves of garlic to the onions, celery, and bell pepper, a small can of tomato sauce, and about 2 cups of beef broth. This is a very versatile recipe that other ingredients could easily be added to depending on your own personal taste. Thank you Dib's!

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lauralie41 January 15, 2007

YUMMY, got rave reviews for something that took no time to prepare! I added about 1C of frozen mixed pepers, 1/2 c each of peas and corn, I like veggies

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kel-Cie T June 20, 2006

This was so easy because I made it in my rice cooker! I used the quick cook setting to cook the first 5 ingredients (but I didn't need the shortening) and I also added a little red wine and worcestershire sauce as well as some garlic. I closed the cover and then would open it and stir once in a while until it was cooked. Then I added the rest of the ingredients but used half a can of pasta sauce instead of the tomato paste because I had it on hand. Then I closed the machine and set it to cook (regular rice setting) and shazaam, it was perfect! Using a rice cooker also keeps things moist because it keeps in the steam so you don't have to keep adding water.

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Demandy June 19, 2006

Simple and nutritious, this was a nice option to include a healthy grain on the dinner plate. I added 2 cloves of chopped garlic to the veggies, a plus since I found the final dish a bit bland. In the end also added oregano. I cooked mine for close to 40 minutes and used close to 3 cups of water. Thanks for sharing.

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justcallmetoni February 16, 2005
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