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Hello Everyone, I tried this recipe today. I am eating the whole thing by myself [ joke]. This is a real "brings back the memories" dish. It has just the right amount of the different vegetables so that one does not overpower the other, and the seasoning is great but I added about 1 tsp. of tarragon to the spice list and it added just enough sweetness to the dish that I prefer. You won't be sorry if you make this dish. It is 'Gourmet' enough for Sunday Company..even on the very first try ! grammajune

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June Lerch January 17, 2002

An excellent stew which I just loved and will certainly make again. I added 1 1/2 cups of chopped mushrooms and 1 tsp. of tarragon. The fresh parsley did not look very good at the store today so I didn't buy any. I used 2 tsp. of dried parsley and 3 tsps. baking powder in the dumplings (they turned out light and fluffy). This was very easy to make, smelled good cooking and very filling. Great for a cold night in Canada.

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Darlene10 January 17, 2003

This looks like an interesting recipe but I would make one tiny suggestion or change. One of the earlier posters mentioned that her husband found the dumplings to be doughy. It looks like there is about half the amount of baking powder that would be needed to make them rise correctly, so maybe that's why. Typically when I make dumplings I use 2 to 2 1/2 tbsp of baking powder (Clabber Girl--you might not need as much with other brands...) for every 2 cups of flour. They rise up like a charm and are light and fluffy (if I do say so myself...). Of course, I do live at sea level...if you live at elevation you would need less so maybe that's why the recipe is written the way it is.

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SandyinSeattle October 29, 2002

For some reason when I went grocery shopping I thought that I needed turnips & parsnips for this dish. Since I had them I anyway, I just ended up with a 9 vegetable stew. It was excellent. Peoplle ate veggies that they never knew existed and loved them. Thanks for posting this one.

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Mysterygirl February 13, 2002

I tried this recipe because I have never had rutabagas and it also sounded interesting. I cooked this in a crock pot. Next time, I think I will boil the chicken breast first and skim off the "scum". I cleaned the vegetables the day before and put them all in a bag. One thing about the rutabaga, either I am wonder women, or nuking it on medium for 5 minutes and peeling while warm works. Anyhow, I followed the receipe as directed but I put everything in the crockpot before work so it cooked for about 10 hours. The chicken was very tender. I transferred the stew to a dutch oven in order to make the dumplings, which I thought, was the absolute best part of the stew. Oh, they were good! All the vegetables were cooked but not overcooked. The chicken was tender and not dry. I'm glad I tried it. As for rutabagas? I don't think I'll rush out and buy them again, but it was nice to taste them.

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BarbaraK January 30, 2002

I made this for my family this evening and it was a hit. My husband even ate the rutabaga and sweet potatoes - I think he was surprised that they tasted sooo good in this recipe. I do think that I may have cooked it a bit longer than needed because my potatoes started to break apart but it just added body to the stew. The one thing my husband didn't care for much was the dumplings, not that they didn't taste good, but that he wasn't expecting something so "doughy." I on the other hand enjoyed the dumplings. I look forward to the leftovers tomorrow night!!!!

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Caryn January 24, 2002

this was absolutely delicious! very filling too. i didn't think it would be enough for us, so i doubled the recipe. i really didn't need to. i had half left over and my husband and son had third helpings. try this and enjoy! (my son didn't believe he ate rutabaga.)

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nancyal February 19, 2002

This was wonderful !!! I used diced turkey in mine.I have no idea what a rutabaga is so used broccoli. I read all the problems re the dumplings and generously added baking powder plus chopped herbs from the garden and it was a fabulous supper on a wintry Sunday night.

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katew July 19, 2009

I halved the recipe. I used the pre cut asst. veggies in a vacuum sealed bag, it's so nice to be able to buy veggies like like. It had most all the vegetables you mentioned. I cooked it in the crock pot. I used about 1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I forgot to add the peas but it was good without them. Thanks for posting the recipe Lennie.

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Dorel February 20, 2008

I made this recipe exactly as written. It was just okay to me. Sorry!! :) I think it was lacking something. I ended up adding more seasonings. I agree with some of the previous reviews that the dumplings were kind of doughy and didn't seem done. I added the extra baking powder as suggested, and they still seemed cooked in the center, but a little too gooey on the outside.

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Jill L. "Margaritta Lover" February 24, 2010
7-Vegetable Chicken Stew with Dumplings