7-Layer Dip - Greek Style

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is like the classic Mexican 7-layer dip, only in a Mediterranean way! I sometimes make this and leave the meat out - it is still good and vegetarian thataway! Serve with fresh-baked pita chips. I estimated amounts, use more or less to your taste. Serving size is approximate too.

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  1. Spread hummus on platter. I usually use a pretty garlicky kind, stir in some olive oil and lemon zest, a little cayenne.
  2. Brown lamb - can use beef or turkey- in skillet with garlic and some oregano and marjoram. Drain well. I usually brown my meet, drain and rinse it with boiling water and then add some spices. Layer meat on top of hummus.
  3. Layer onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and tzaziki (greek yogurt dip). The amounts I gave are approximate, use more or less to your preference.
  4. Scatter olives and mint over top. Serve with fresh-baked pita chips and watch it dissappear!


Most Helpful

Great dip combination! A refreshing change from the usual Mexican style dip (though that's always good as well!) I made it meatless, left out the onion layer and added some feta cheese, served it with pita chips. It was a hit! Thanks for posting.

pattikay in L.A. April 29, 2008

Great recipe! I made a vegan version of this for my sister's bridal shower, which had a Mediterranean food theme. Very cool to find this recipe, since I made the popular 7-layer taco dip for my other sister's baby shower a few months ago. You can't go wrong with 7-layer dips as crowd pleasers!! To veganize: I used Tofurky ground beef, cooked in refined (unscented/unflavored) coconut oil and seasoned as called for in the recipe. I had to make my own tzatziki of course since ready-made vegan versions don't exist (yet). Plain, unsweetened nondairy yogurt has now become impossible to find, for some reason, so I made a cucumber sauce with a nondairy sour cream/Vegenaise base (vegan version of this recipe - http://www.food.com/recipe/cucumber-sauce-for-gyros-129930). Everything else in the recipe is naturally vegan, of course. I also made some tofu feta to sprinkle on top (1 block of well-pressed tofu, crumbled and marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, basil, salt/pepper). I used Sabra hummus (the best!) for the bottom layer. I now see that I missed the mix-ins in Step 1! Darn, that sounds good, but luckily Sabra is a really rich hummus already. I will have to make this again and give that a try though.<br/><br/>My grandma's 80+ year old friend said, "I don't know what I'm eating, but I love it!" hahaha

Lindsey S September 01, 2013

I made this dip to take to a family gathering today and it was extremely well received. I used Sabra Classic hummus as, while DH and I love the roasted garlic kind, my family tends to be on the less adventuresome side. I used fresh oregano and marjoram from my garden while browning the lamb. DH and I made no modifications to the recipe and served with bagel chips. The gang loved it. Thanks!

Dr. Jenny August 30, 2009

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