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The true key to this diet is the soup. It is day 7, I just made huge noodle sized pot #3. My husband had two bowls this whole week, I ate the rest. I could only handle 1 tablespoon of chili powder per pot. I adhered most faithfully to the recipe otherwise and to the diet. Lost only 4 pounds. But, that is four pounds gone, from a plateau that I could not seem to budge in 3 months. When my husband asked me this morning if it had been worth it. I thought is over very carefully and said, "Yes!" My diet and exercise controlled diabetes fell right in line, with great glucose tests. I feel especially well! Getting a lot more chores done, doubled my daily walking distance, and there is the 4 # gone. I shall take a day or two off and then get right back on the 7 day soup diet. There was a time or two that I had to almost gag down the last of a bowl of the soup, but it is not a bad soup, just way too much of it right now. I think anyone who wants to lose weight, could give this a try. Thank you for sharing this healthy recipe and temporary method of eating. Just wanted to add that now I am going through this diet for the 4th time. I have lost nearly 20# and 2 dress sizes. I shall keep at it until I am drop dead gorgeous! With one or two days of rest between. It is a very good way to eat! Must say, that I seem to crave the spicy soup when I took a vacation in Japan, recently. Thanks ever so much for sharing this plan. May 1, 2009, I have lost 46# with this diet, it is now an on and off part of my life

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Grannydragon May 02, 2009

Hi, I tried the 7-day soup diet and found that it really does work! By using 7 days on and 3 "free days" off, I lost 40 lb.s in 3 months. The 1st 2 cycles left me 10 lbs. lighter after 7 days, then the weight loss averaged about 3 or 4 lbs. per 7-day cycle. My "free days" included lots of sweets! Thank you Mr. Sauce

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neece3 July 16, 2007

Sorry for the double review and the length:<br/><br/>So its DAY 7,<br/>And the soup was VILE at first(on DAY 1), hence the reason I only gave this recipe 4 stars. My sister and I began this diet on Monday and it is now Sunday. My sister is a few years older than me. We began the diet, not to shed masses of weight, but to lose those couple of pounds to give us an insight into how to change our lifestyles. We were both overweight and just wanted to change what we were doing, I came across this diet on the internet and we thought; 'we have nothing to lose'. So a week ago we made the soup, sans spring onions(didn't know what 'green onions' were) and it was FOUL. My sister practically starved herself because she didn't want to touch the soup with a ten inch pole in addition to her throwing up. The first day was particularly hard as all you could eat was fruit and the disgusting soup. The second day, however was a lot easier. This was because you could eat vegetables, which were a lot more filling than fruit, meaning that you didn't have to eat as much soup :P. I tried the soup pureed on day two and my sister and I despised it in that form. My sister had a tablespoon full and at this point gave up in the diet. I also decided to start exercising more vigorously on day 2, after reading reviews stating that it maximized weight loss. DAY 3, I was on my own, but managed to make a new batch, minus celery and mustard(not tasty),but with the addition of spring onions, chopped chillies and an onion. It was LOVELY. DAY 4 was the hardest day because I?m not really used to milk. I cheated a little and had some semi-skimmed milk with about 3 bananas and lots of soup. I continued working out. DAY 5: I had the pleasure of eating nando?s chicken and 2-3 tomatoes. I?m not a fan of beef. I did cardio this day and I very much enjoyed it. By DAY 6 however, I was getting a little bit fed up with sticking to strict food types and was feeling cravings for other food items eg bread and potatoes. But I stuck to it, nearly finishing the soup, and having 2 big bowls of salad ( with a tiny amount of salad cream). I even spent 15 mins on the exercise bike!<br/>So this morning, I weighed myself and I lost 8 killograms- about 17.5 pounds. I was beside myself with joy! I would recommend anyone doing this diet to do it in conjunction with exercise. I made some adjustments to suit my personal taste ( no celery or mustard, addition of onion and chilli, changing beef to chicken).<br/>I tried to make this review as detailed as possible for anyone considering it,<br/>Much love,<br/>Hannah M x

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HannahMLovesFood June 22, 2013

This so-called diet is extremely unsafe. It is woefully inadequate in most major nutrients, and far too high in sodium. Following this diet as directed can lead to irreversible kidney and heart damage in susceptible individuals. I have seen this diet ascribed to half-a-dozen different "major hospitals;" all have disavowed it. It is an urban myth and not to be followed. You will lose water weight and dehydrate yourself; you will gain it all back as soon as the 7-day-cycle ends. I beg of you, for your own health, avoid this "diet." If you need to lose weight, go see your physician.

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DrGaellon January 25, 2013

I did this diet last week but I changed things up a bit. I didn't use this soup but this concept. I bought soup..low in sodium and calories and different kinds. I used cottage cheese in place of the milk because I can't drink milk...I lost 14 lbs :) I was so excited that I am going back on it next week. I also had my diet soda..

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crystal7313 July 25, 2013

Both me and my brother tried this two weeks ago. I did it for 6 days and lost 11 lbs. My brother did it for 5 days and I believe he lost 13 lbs. I used fresh roma tomatoes, and I pulsed all the vegetables in my food processor. I would say this is a very thick stew. My brother added alot of extra water, and had his more like a soup. Looking now I actually put a Tablespoon of black pepper in mine instead of the tsp, no wonder it was a little on the "spicy" side, but it was good. I shared this with a co worker also, and we both agreed that it tastes exactly like Campbells vegetable soup. I am going to do this one week out of the month until my surgery in November. I'm making another batch today and this time I will post a picture. Thank you for sharing this recipe and diet.

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Doing it Right August 05, 2007

This recipe is not for everyone but fortunately it was for me! I love tomato sause,paste,crushed, whole. I have no problem spooning tomato paste into my mouth and loving it. The soup doesn't mention the addition of water and I say this because I've seen those who follow the recipe to the T and are unable to deal with the consistancy of the soup. So please add water and in the amount you want. I changed it up so that I don't use as much cayenne pepper or salt and sometimes I puree the soup and make smoothies with the fruit. I have used skim milk in my coffee and also in my smoothies. This diet has helped me loose 20 lbs todate and I have kept it off for 4 months even through the holidays. Initially I did the diet for a full week waited a couple of weeks repeated it for 5 days watited a couple more weeks and did it for 4 days. I am now a size 10 and I have made permenant changes in my carb intake. I enjoy my coffee so I always use skim milk now, Iwas a peanut butter addict I don't keep any in my pantry. This week I started back up the diet because I had enjoyed the sweets and carbs during the holidays and I want to ween my craving for them. I'm on day 4 which is a bit boring but I know the outcome is way worth the 7 day sacrifice. I say to those who haven't tried it give it a shot buy what you need to eat during these 7 days so they is no chance of cheating. Keep the bananas out of the list till the day before you eat them. Good Luck

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anabanana6 January 15, 2011

I'm making this a 2 part review. I'm only on day 1 of the diet itself, so I can't comment on its effectiveness. But I will post a review based on taste before I forget the changes I made. I don't know about you, but 7 day old soup doesn't exactly temp my taste buds, so I cut the recipe in half and plan to make a second, fresh, pot of soup in a couple days. I made a few changes to the ingredients: *used a chunky garden blend of pasta sauce *left out the celery entirely (gross) *added a second bell pepper (1 red, 1 yellow, no green)and 1/2 tablespoon on fresh cilantro *left out the tomato paste (between pasta sauce and fresh tomatoes, it just seemed like overkill) *doubled the beef broth based on other reviewers comments that it was too thick *tossed in some spices to my liking such as basil, rosemary, parsley, and garlic powder. *a dash of red cooking wine never hurt anyone. The result was a pretty tasty vegetable soup that I'm sure I can live with for the next few days. Some people complained it's too chunky...which I don't have a problem with, if it's my main course for the next week, it better be hearty! But I did soup mine up a bit adding more broth and keeping the lid on the pot throughout the entire cooking time. Returns the moisture right back into the pot. It's not the greatest soup ever, but it's good and if I actually drop a few pounds, perhaps it will be great after all. I'll post back at the end of the week with my progress or lack there of.

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E_B October 22, 2007

Today is my first day trying this soup. I find that it tastes like chili just without the meat. I recommend that you make it a day in advance to give the spices time to kick in.. Day #1, six more to go... i'll post an up date of my results at the end of my week. Good luck to everyone that is giving this a shot!

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ladyq2010 August 23, 2011

Really works!! My roommates and I (all females in mid-20s, 5'5", 120-150 lbs) came across this diet and were a bit skeptical about its ability to help us lose weight but figured at the very least it would be a good cleansing exercise. We followed it as described here and after 7 days, we all feel great and have lost 4.5-5lbs each! The soup is delicious and incredibly filling, and we varied it by adding different spices and sometimes even puree-ing it. The additional daily allowances were more than enough to satisfy our hunger and left us feeling full, yet light. While this diet does requires a lot of advance preparation (chopping all the veggies to feed 3 people on this soup for 7 days made our kitchen feel like a factory!), it was definitely worth it. In addition to the few lbs we shed, it totally changed our outlook on meals and snacking. Whereas before we would depend on breads as the staple of each meal and fill gaps during the day with sweets, we know realize how easy, tasty, and nutritious it can be to eat healthily. I HIGHLY recommend this diet.

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CLuccio1027 March 16, 2010
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