6-Minute Raspberry Jam (With Variations)

READY IN: 36mins
Recipe by JackieOhNo

You won't need a heavy saucepan, Mason jar, pectin, or paraffin to make these flavorful jams. Packed with chunks of fruit, they're a snap to make 0 with a little help from your microwave. Although these quick jams are made in small quantities, the mixture does bubble up in the microwave, so be sure to use a 6-cup bowl. Also, remember that doubling or tripling a microwave recipe changes the cooking time significantly. Once you've whipped up some jam, transfer it to a covered small container.. Refrigerated, it will keep for several weeks.

Top Review by Debbwl

Wow this really is the best thing since sliced bread! There are lots of things to love about this recipe, it tasty great, it's easy, it makes just over a cup and has lots of yummy variations. I made strawberry and am looking forward to trying the other flavors. Thanks so much for the post.


  1. Mix berries and sugar in 6-cup microwave-proof bowl. Microwave uncovered on HIGH 6 minutes. Let cool slightly. Transfer to jar and refrigerate covered.
  2. For Blueberry Jam: puree 1-1/2 cups fresh blueberries and mix with 1/4 cup sugar. Proceed as above. (Makes 3/4 cup).
  3. For Peach Jam: pit and coarsely puree 2 medium or 3 small ripe peaches (about 12 oz.); mix with 1/4 cup sugar. Proceed as above. (Makes 1-1/4 cups).
  4. For Strawberry Jam: coarsely puree 1-1/2 cups hulled fresh strawberries; mix with 1/4 cup sugar. Proceed as above. (Makes 1-1/4 cups).
  5. For Blackberry Jam: puree 1-3/4 cups fresh blackberries; mix with 1/4 cup sugar. Proceed as above. (Makes 2/3 cup).
  6. For Citrus Marmalade: quarter, seed, and coarsely puree 1 each medium lemon and lime; mix with 3/4 cup sugar. Proceed as above. (Makes 1-1/2 cups).

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