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You know, there really is a sixth can! I have been making this soup for years from a recipe that is identical to this one--except for the addition of a can of refried beans stirred in. It adds flavor and consistency to the soup. So there's your sixth can. :)

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Heaven's Kitchen March 28, 2009

This is a regular dish in our house, at least once a month I'd say, though I do make a few modifications. I always double the recipe, (leftovers are great!) and I dice up 2-3 chicken breasts, and start by cooking a large onion, chicken and a tablespoon or two of minced garlic together. Then I put in 2 cans of chicken broth and 2 cans of cream of chicken soup. The corn, black beans, and diced tomatoes with green chilis. I season with salt, pepper, cumin and chili powder.<br/><br/>I like to serve it with lots of topping choices, so I typically have tortilla chips, some lime wedges, cheddar cheese, sour cream, avocado chunks, and sometimes some cilantro.

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Dr.JenLeddy August 12, 2014

Great, but I used home made salsa in place of Rotellos, and the soup comes out excellent.

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Michael S. April 28, 2014

Definitely 5 stars for ease of making. As for taste WOW! So good. I did make some slight changes. I wanted to use up the last of a rotisserie chicken so I subbed that for the can of chicken. I also didn't have a small can of Rotel so I used a can of fire roasted garlic tomatoes. Last I took many reviewers recommendation and threw in a can of refried beans. YUM-O! After simmering for an hour to incorporate all the flavors it was ready. So simple and tasty. I topped with some crushed tortilla chips and shredded taco mix cheese (cheddar with Monterrey jack). Didn't need to add ANY extra flavors. Mmmm. And it makes a nice size pot too.<br/>Now lets do a calculation of cost. I'll use regular, non-sale prices. You can get many of these items at the 99 cents store.<br/>Can of corn - 99 cents (I bought mine on sale for 49cents)<br/>Can of Chicken Broth - 99 cents (I bought mine on sale for 69cents)<br/>Can of Chicken - $2.50 (the most expensive item on the recipe, can substitute a pound of bone in chicken breast for 98cents when on sale)<br/>Can of Black Beans - 99 cents (mine was 75 cents)<br/>Can of Rotel - $2.25 (I substituted a 79 cent can of fire roasted tomatoes and flavor was great, no spice though so keep in mind.)<br/>OPTIONAL Can of Refried Beans - 99 cents<br/>Total ~$7.75 (or $8.75 with refried beans) for a nice size pot of soup. Add in a bag of tortilla chips (99 cent store) and some cheese (small block of cheese $1.50) and you can feed your family for under $10 a nice filling and dare I say healthy meal. And people say fast food is so much cheaper. Yeah right!

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Martha wanna-be Melissa January 09, 2014

This was SOOO easy to throw together, and people think you worked really hard! LOVED IT!! (and so did DD)

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kellychris July 03, 2012

Recipes like this make me look like a 5 star chef! My husband LOVES this recipe, which is great when I'm in a pinch to get dinner ready. It's tasty and takes no time at all. We used 1 fresh, medium off-the-vine tomato instead of the can and that made the soup taste really fresh. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

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Feathered Fury July 18, 2011

Hubby & I thought this was pretty good. I made it as is, tasted it, and then added seasonings (salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder). I would like to try it again adding the can of refried beans as other reviewers have done. This was quick & easy, and my 1 year old ate it with no complaints, so we were all happy. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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TexasKelly December 07, 2010

Let me start by saying that I only used this as a starting point. I fully intended to make this as directed, but ended up doing my own thing, as I always do. :-) In addition to the listed ingredients, I added a can of re-fried beans as another reviewer suggested. I also increased the stock and added an additional can of diced tomatoes. Instead of the canned chicken, i cooked chicken breast in the tomatoes and then shredded them. A little cumin, jalapenos, and cayenne completed this. Very good and as you can see, very flexible. Will make again!

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cookandcookagain November 30, 2010

Very yummy and easy recipe! I used leftover chicken and added a can of diced chilis and it was wonderful. Topped with shredded chedder and a served with tortilla chips, it made a great dinner.

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Marisa Cormier March 09, 2010

Good stuff. Hubby and I had seconds and I'll eat the rest for lunch tomorrow. I did use the can of refried beans as the 6th can as Heaven's Kitchen suggested and used diced leftover chicken instead of canned. Served over broken tortilla chips and mexican blend cheese and topped with sour cream. So simple and super fast - will definitely make many times again.

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muncheechee May 03, 2009
6 Can Chicken Tortilla Soup