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Sinfully delicious and cheesey! Even though it contains eggs, it's much creamier than other "custard-style" mac & cheese recipes. Lots of flavor, too. I used fresh minced onions rather than powder, otherwise made this as written. This recipe is a keeper! Thanx so much for posting this!

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*Parsley* October 29, 2006

Wonderful recipe and Kate Plate is correct; it is completely flexible as far as type of cheeses and adjustment... I substituted goat cheese for swiss and did one additional cup of cheddar instead of the Muenster. Also, an AWESOME addition: I heated three tablespoons of butter in a pan, and added 3/4 cup breadcrumbs along with 1/2 cup finely chopped onion, and four minced garlic gloves until all were nicely browned. I sprinkled the crumb combo over the mac 'n cheese before baking. The nice crunch and garlic made a good recipe great. After it was prepared and on the table, I drizzled a little bit of truffle oil over it - WOW. DELISH... Heads up; I made this for my boyfriend and myself and it was WAY more than enough - really does fill a 9 x 13. With a side, this could probably feed four with everyone having seconds. Keeping this one!

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3ToeKnee September 03, 2012

Oh yes! I prefer the custard style Mac and Cheese. This really hit the spot. All I had was hot pepper monteray jack so I used this in place of the munster. I use swiss and extra sharp cheddar alone with a bag of mixed melting cheese. This was very good. I had it for the main dish instead of a side. Too good to just be a side.

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Scotty & Callie's Mom September 03, 2010

Excellent recipe! I also substituted a few cheeses and added 1 teas. of liquid crab boil instead of the cayenne pepper. That spiced it up perfectly.

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bkwmn57 December 18, 2009

THANK YOU! Finally, a delicious mac and cheese recipe with good spice. I've been trying out different recipes and I think my boyfriend was about to ban me from trying anymore because there was either too much pepper, it was too bland or just plain bad ... but this recipe ... FINALLY! I did it! I made a delicious mac and cheese that he loves. I've made it three times in the last month and a half. I'm hooked. The only tiny change I made was a little more garlic powder because we like it, but otherwise, perfect just the way it is.

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BBBBBecca November 18, 2009

I made this this week and it is definitely a dish to impress.I also have been searching high and low for a great mac and cheese recipe and this is definitely IT!!! Cannot wait to make w/ some BBQ ribs. This is also GREAT left over. Everyone who tried it has raved!!! And they 'only' had it left over. Followed recipe exact, I do PACK my measuring cups, even a bit rounded because we love cheese! THX, THX, THX!!!!!!

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Reefbubbles January 14, 2009

Normally, when I have to alter a recipe based off what I have on hand or my preferences I won't rate it; however, I have been searching for a mac and cheese recipe with real flavor for so long that I wouldn't want this one to go unnoticed!! I followed all directions and quantities with the exception of the types of cheese which is why I feel this is such a great flexible recipe!! I didn't have any muenster and I don't like swiss cheese so I added additional cheddar, velveeta and a little parmesan to equal the 5 cups cheese required. The spice quantities are right on....I was tempted to add more seasonings since the recipes I have tried in the past have been bland but I'm glad I stuck to it!! I also thought the amount of pasta seemed scant for the amount of sauce since it looked like it was drowning so I added an additonal cup of cooked pasta and after tasting see that the amount called for was perfet even though my own results were AWESOME!! This is a great recipe because not only am I sure it tastes great as is, but I can be the official guinea pig that cheese substituions can be made and it will still be the best tasting mac and cheese I have found!!

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Kate Plate January 12, 2009

This was great and easy to make. I liked the cheese sauce that this recipe produced. I used a cheddar that had garlic in it, so there was quite the garlicky touch (which I like). The only other change I made was to sprinkle some breadcrumbs on top. Thank you!

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LadyLaura February 25, 2007
5 Cheese Macaroni and Cheese