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The wonderful aroma of roasting garlic is intensified when the foil is carefully unwrapped and the steam escapes. My nostrils responded so quickly I had to close my eyes to drink in its flavour. The combined aroma of garlic, vegetables and five cheeses, blending in with the herb mixture was positively intoxicating. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone reading this review; it is a good test of patience and cooking skills - particularly patience. You will need all of your counter space to do this one. The rewards are many. I found this recipe to be intelligently segregated into easy-to-follow sections, and these sections then stepped to allay any fears about attempting the task. After reading the recipe many times, over a two week period, I decided this one would be the final one cooked and reviewed. I wanted to give the recipe my full attention so left it to the end. All of the ingredients were prepared, with correct measurements and set aside in their own bowls. In that way the original ingredients could then be returned to their cupboard space. Given the length and time to prepare this recipe, I can only imagine what extensive thought and experimentation were involved in the development of this fine food. My congratulations to you for successfully creating a recipe so indescribably delicious. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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TOOLBELT DIVA July 12, 2003
5-Cheese Crab Lasagna With Roasted Garlic and Vegetables