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I used significantly less yeast in this (double recipe and only 1 packet of dry yeast). I refrigerated overnight... but it was perfect. I can't imagine anything else being more like OPH 49ers

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Chefbrainerd February 10, 2014

We have been eating 49ers since 1972...trust me do not waste your time on this recipe...make yourself some plain pancakes...this recipe is terrible...sorry and I do not post comments

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kokogolf_8691716 November 17, 2013

This does not taste like the 49 flap jacks. It's somewhat close, but are not good and I would never make them again... And I LOVE the 49ers.

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Robbie H. October 06, 2013

Plain buttermilk pancakes are my favorite food in the entire world. I eat them everywhere I go at every restaurant that serves them. The Original Pancake House serves the best buttermilk pancakes in the world. These are not diner pancakes, good diner pancakes, excellent breakfast specialty restaurant pancakes or anything of that nature. These are the hands down the most distinct tasting flavorful pancakes on the planet.<br/>A distant second are the Original Pancake House's 49er Flapjacks. Needless to say I have spent years scouring for recipes that would duplicate the flavor of the OPH's buttemilk pancakes and have found none, zero, zilch. I have found good recipes however, and do now make a very good light fluffy buttermilk pancake with my own maple syrup. However, the OPH reigns supreme.<br/>That said I stumbled across this recipe by accident and decided to humor myself. I followed the directions to the tee with the exception of using half and half in place of milk. I cooked them on my griddle and as they bubbled I began to be puzzled. I gave the first bite to my wife and she looked at me and let out an enthusiastic 'UMMM'!!. I took my first bite, furrowed my brow and bellowed, 'THESE AREN'T BAD'!!!!!!!<br/>I must hand it to DrEvil. He came pretty close. The batter is very runny and I will soon purchase a crepe maker which should yield a more symmetrically uniform flapjack, but this recipe is very close to the original.

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Buttermilk Pancakes June 09, 2013

My husband thought these were pretty good. I thought they tasted like bread. Too much yeast. Really nothing like the OPH 49ers. I will keep searching.

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betsybakery May 26, 2013
49er Flapjacks