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I have used this recipe countless times and my family loves it! I cut the oil back to 3 tablespoons, it makes the texture lighter. When I use it for hamburger rolls I decrease the sugar to 3 Tablespoons as well. I also found, depending on the weather, that the dough must sit longer than the recommended 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes longer. If you are a first time baker of bread, let the rolls almost double before putting them in the oven. For those of you who have tried this recipe and found it to be too heavy try cutting back the oil and letting the dough rise a little more before baking. I have also substituted 1 cup of whole wheat flour for white flour and they turn out wonderful. I have also substituted 1/2 cup of flour and used a multi-grain flour. This is my new dough recipe for sticky buns. Now I can whip up sticky buns and they will be done in an hour from start to finish. It takes about 20-30 minutes for the dough to rise since I roll it with a rolling pin. When I make sticky buns I use the recommend amount of sugar in the dough. Happy Baking!

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B. B. Backwoods Baker March 20, 2010

First off, I am a total beginner at bread making. Completely yeast phobic but with encouragement from other members I decided to give this recipe a go. I will not bore you with my trials and tribulations as they all stemmed from my complete ineptitude. For example - dissolve yeast in water. I had no idea whether ot not to stir it or just leave it. As I said - a complete dolt er...I mean beginner. The way I mishandled just about every step is almost mind boggling.

The end result was soft pillowy mouthfuls of perfection! I topped the rolls with Everything Topping- Bagels, Rolls, Bread and could not be happier. What an excellent recipe for both yeastaphobes as well as more experienced bakers. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm on my way to being a breadmaker!

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K9 Owned April 21, 2011

Excellent buns!!! I cut oil to 3T. and sugar to 3T as well. The result was light and tender buns! The flavor was great and the effort minimal. I did let mine rise longer but only because I had the time while I prepared the rest of dinner! I got 12 regular size buns (once they rised). I was thinking they would be more slider size (not a big deal for my family). I will try this recipe will full amount of sugar and try for cinnamon rolls! I will let you know how they turn out!! Thanks!! UPDATE: I couldn't wait so I got up this morning and made the recipe as Cinnamon Rolls. I used the entire amount of sugar but still kept the oil at 3T. I rolled the dough into a rectangle, poured about 1/2 c melted butter, then sprinkled generously with sugar and cinnamon. I rolled up and cut, put in oiled dish and let rise for about 10-15 minutes then baked at 375 for about 15-20 minutes. Topped with cream cheese icing! YUMMY!! Only took about an hour and 15 minutes start to finish! I also got about 23 rolls out of dough. I put others in freezer for another time and will just let sit out awhile before baking!

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lsustacy February 10, 2011

I made this subbing 1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour plus about 1/4 cup of wheat germ. I like my breads with whole grains. For what this is--an ultra yeasted dough with a short rise time--this is very good. And the rolls were good the next day, too. Very enjoyable.

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MollyJ June 11, 2010

Wow, I had never thought to make my own buns. However, one night I had one pound of hamburger in the fridge, a hungry son and hubby and no time for the store. I was amazed at these buns, they were so good! I made them again today, but shaped them into hot dog buns for brats and they were fantastic. I will never buy buns again! Thanks so much for posting.

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Meowser June 01, 2010

These came out surprisingly well. They were very easy to put together, and the end result was soft buns that my kids gobbled before I even sliced them. But I think they were better as buns. They were sturdy enough for the (veggie) burger but very soft. I put bbq sauce on my burger and the bread was perfect for soaking in just enough sauce. I think next time I make them, I will try adding a little onion and garlic powder, for a bit of additional flavor. Definitely a keeper of a recipe!

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Jujubegirl May 30, 2011

Yummy! My kids ate them up right away. I used half whole wheat and half white wheat. Turned out soft and fluffy. Thank you. I am going to try to use the dough for cinnamon rolls next! Thanks for sharing!

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LilMaryB March 19, 2011

Soft, fluffy, and FAST (as homemade bread goes). It's the perfect compromise in my home between me (too good for store-bought bread, I'd rather go without) and DH (you don't think he can eat a burger or a brat or whatever without a fluffy bun, do you?). Luckily this recipe also accepts egg substitutes too (I used the microwaved flax seed meal substitution this time) so I could make it allergy-friendly. I was worried that a "quick" recipe wouldn't adapt well, but the buns turned out as perfectly as the pre-allergy days. Whew!

On the other hand, Beth's Pizza Crust seems to pull together faster for me, so I usually make that instead. No egg, no sub -- and the rest/rising time is somewhat optional although I use that time to get everything else prep'd.

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nethope August 04, 2011

Pretty good! I had a bit of trouble getting my buns to cook through in the center but the taste was great. I refridgerated the leftover dough and made pizza crust with it the following day.

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stonecoldcrazy June 13, 2010

Fabulous! Super easy and AMAZINGLY quick! Next time I will move the oven rack up one spot from the middle spot - the bottoms got dark before the tops. My husband was pointing out that decent hamburger buns cost more than the hamburger - that's not right. I have been meaning to try this recipe and the timing hasn't worked out on days when we were making burgers, so I made them today just to check it out. They made great dinner rolls, too. A really good mildly sweet flavor that my husband said were "much better than any we've gotten at the store" including the bakery. I just can't believe how quickly it all went together. I can make these no problem while he makes burgers next time.

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Peppermint Wind July 08, 2013
40 Minute Hamburger Buns