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These are wonderful little gems.......Couldn't get enough of them! The addition of the caper juice was inspired! And the peppercorn medley was just fantastic. Thnx for sharing, Sharon, hon. Made for KcK's Forum Tag Game.

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Darkhunter October 19, 2010

I love deviled eggs and these were so good. I made the recipe as written and the flavors worked out so great. I always use that blend of the peppercorns with red as well because they are just so good. I love the taste of these peppercorn additions. And like another reviewer said the caper juice was just such a great addition. You just can't make enough of these to satisfy because they were so yummy. I made these to go along with Israeli Couscous Pepper Salad and it was just perfect. Thanks for sharing Sharon of this wonderful recipe. Made in memory of Sharon's DH.

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FrenchBunny October 24, 2010

Nice little appetizers these were .. too bad they didn't last longer, love the peppercorns in these, I see that next time I make these I have to make them during the week, then I can get more. Great appetizer for the game today. Made forPRMR tag.

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weekend cooker October 23, 2010

These beat the kneez! Oh how glorious they were! These little bippies went so fast off the plate - (can you picture crows were having a blast in the newly harvested corn field beyond!) that there was one lonesome ground black peppercorn that rolled lazily around in the middle of the plate - left and all forlorn. Well, these were dynamic - although - dear Sharon - you must think of a way to keep them to last longer then a couple of minutes. I didn't change the recipe - as we all love ground peppers! I threw a couple of hot pepper flakes on the top so it looked as festive as confetti! Gorgeous and YUMMERS too! Thanks my dear friend!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm October 15, 2010

Major pepper is right! Wow! I love these. Thanks, Sharon! Made for Veggie Recipe Swap 28.

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mersaydees November 15, 2010
4-Pepper Deviled Eggs(Alton Brown)