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This is delicious. I served with Sweet Potato & Orange Pound Cake. I used very thick WW sour cream instead of cream cheese and with whisking it all came together beautifully. Made and enjoyed for Zaar Cookbook tag

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katew October 31, 2009

First off, forget that drizzle, dip, dressing and sauce business and just go ahead and drink it. ;-) It's that good! I dunked a strawberry in some; great of course. I dolloped it on a piece of warm, Extreme Low-Fat Chocolate Cake. Heaven! But the best bite of all was straight out of a spoon! The taste is hard to describe; close to that of a cheesecake but the texture is more like a mousse. Unfortunately, I only made half a recipe so I have it hidden for tomorrow when DH is at work and I can eat it all. The cornstarch and juices took about 10 minutes to thicken up. The texture really changes with the egg addition. It gets thick and bubbly looking. After cooking the egg mixture a couple of minutes, I added the chunks of cream cheese (lowfat) and stirred it into the hot mixture. This gets pretty thick when cooled so to make this a 5 in 1 recipe, add to your list that I think it would make a terrific pie filling. I can hardly wait to experiment more with this nectar. ;-) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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SusieQusie March 23, 2008

Outstanding! I used this only as a dip this first time around, but after [1]recently making a chocolate pie & [2]reading SusieQusie's review from several years ago, I've decided that my next go at this recipe will be to make it thicker & use it as a second & top layer for a chocolate pie! I think that would be awesome! Many thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed in Zaar Cookbook Tag]

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Sydney Mike April 24, 2011
4 in 1 - Creamy Custard Drizzle, Dip, Dressing or Sauce