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Ah yes, I know where this recipe is from: its the " Butter Basted White Bread" recipe from Bette Hagman's 'More from the Gluten -free Gourmet' cookbook. Its my FAVORITE GF bread recipe for toast & sandwiches. Because gluten free bread does not have to be "punched down" you can use the "quick bread" setting on the bread machine ( which on my sunbeam is 1 hr 20 min) and the bread turns out beautifully and in less time. Another time saving time I use is to combine all the dry ingrediants ( except the yeast) and store them in seperate quart size zip lock bags. That way when I need to quickly make a loaf of bread in the morning I just dump the bag into the bread machine pan, and in a seperate bowl combine all the liquids, add that in the pan, add yeast, and good to go. For a sourdough type flavor I use homemade Kefir thats meen allowed to culture for 2-3 days and is very sour and bubbly. This also makes the bread a bit lighter as well. A tablespoon of ground flax seeds adds nutrients, some nutty flavor and if you are allergic to eggs 2 tablespoons ground flax helps bind the dough together beautifully as well.

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Cynthia R. May 15, 2009

Although this recipe is not very written, it has got to be the best gluten free bread I have ever eaten. It's light & fluffy just like wheat bread, & a big plus for me is that it doesn't have bean flour, which I absolutely hate because it gives a bitter taste. Try this bread, and make sure you read the instructions completely. Ignore dividing the ingredients, it's not necessary.

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kwlabear July 14, 2008

Caution, this recipe is for larger bread machines. Mine is over 10 years old and obviously a much smaller capacity. I ended up with a huge overflowing mess! On a positive note, even after scraping the dough into a loaf pan after one rise session in the bread maker, and baking in the oven at 375 deg. for 40 minutes, this bread turned out great! I was worried about how much yeast was in the recipe (lots more than most bread and GF bread recipes call for) but it obviously needed it since the bread turned out so great. Loaf was very flat on top but could be due to dough transfer and oven baking. Bread has a nice sweet, light fluffy flavor and texture. I will make this again for sure (with the recipe halved).

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935270 August 26, 2008

I made this bread in my large bread machine and followed the advice of others, setting my machine to 'express bake - 1 hr. 20 mins - and it came out absolutely PERFECT. I used all ingredients exactly as listed - the full 1 and 2/3rds cups of water - The texture is ideal, it baked evenly, no problems. I will be uploading a photo of my loaf. This will be my base recipe for gluten free bread - I plan on adding herbs and also making a sweet loaf.

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Shrink Sheri February 27, 2014

I am new to gluten free. i had bought udi's bread and i liked it. so i thought i would try to make my own. i dusted off the old bread maker and went at it. so far i have tried the white bread version. it is very tasty. i like toast with jam and it works great. so i will try the other versions as well. some of the ingredients are a little expensive at first but i am sure once you get them all, it will be better than paying 5.00 a loaf for udi's and it's fresh not frozen. give it a try!!

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debdeal July 26, 2012

Store bought gluten free bread is so expensive. This was my first attempt at making gluten free bread and I thought it came out great. It was easier than I thought it would be and all the flours/ingredients were easy to find at the "bulk" store. I used powdered buttermilk and omitted the vinegar. It is a very large, tasty loaf that cuts well. I was a little concerned when I peaked in the bread machine when it was mixing and it didn't look like bread dough at all. More like cake batter but it does rise and makes a very large loaf. The top did fall flat but that doesn't affect the taste :-)
Thanks for posting

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PennyG May 06, 2012

The best bread machine recipe I have used! This is the closest thing to "real bread" I have found.

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bjsflowers_2496598 November 08, 2011

If this recipe does'nt work for you then you must be making a mistake or SOME mistakes.<br/>For a change, I was very pleasantly surprised with the final result even though a first look after baking in a cheap, old Citizen bread machine said, "Yup, another clossal failure". BUT when I removed the loaf from the baking container and then cut a slice off the side of the rounded loaf, "hmmmm it looks pretty good"! Sunken top notwithstanding, it looked like pretty nice bread. I quickly added a generous spread of butter. Yummmy. As an excuse for a second slice I leveled off the sunken top, added chedder cheeze and fresh garden onion to this round slice--Voila, happiness. As some others have stated, perhaps 1 rising in the cycle would be enough to forestall the top of the loaf collapsing problem. Or perhaps cutting back on yeast and/or sugar. Anyway, I really like the taste of this GLUTEN FREE BREAD!<br/> Because my bread machine is very small (2-1/2 cups of flour per loaf) I cut the recipe down to 75% (with the aid of a little calculator) of each ingredient.<br/>I am a man 76 years of age and have done very little baking in the past. I simply followed the recipe, allowed the (2) eggs to warm up to room temperature, melted (3) teaspoons of butter, made a dry mix bowl and a wet mix bowl. Then I dumped the wet mix into the machine followed by the dry mix. I paid no attention to the order of ingredients. I just made sure of MY measurements and that I included all the ingredients. I turned on the bread machine and went shopping! So as to prevent myself from interfering with the baking process.<br/>I will try oven baking this recipe next time. And will be using it often in the future.<br/>MY THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE ADDED INFORMATION TO HELP ANYONE WHO TRIES THIS RECIPE. The recipe is very good. Almost fail proof. Some chefs may need a little help with their cooking technique. I read somewhere that really good cooks and chefs "follow the recipe and measure very carefully".

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michaelpdirk September 25, 2013

Well, I trusted all those five star reviews. I made this bread twice - once exactly as the recipe showed - total failure as the flour and water never mixed - I ended up with loose, crumbly bread. The second time I used the method I always use with the bread machine. This time, the bread rose and looked lovely in the window. Then, it fell, and flowed all over the inside of the machine and burned the heck out of the machine. The loaf that emerged was tiny, hollow in places and tasted burned.<br/><br/>I have wasted 6 eggs, expensive powdered buttermilk, expensive glueten free flours and and time!<br/><br/>I am still on the search for a decent and reasonably tasty bread recipe.

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jimmie.berg July 29, 2013

I love the taste of this bread. I have made it 4-5 times now. The first time in the bread machine, it turned out flat and not mixed. The rest of the time I have made it in the oven. It comes out different each time. I left out the gum in it as I can't buy them where I live. The first several I put flax meal in it and the bread was dense, moist and didn't rise a lot. The last two times I left out the flax and it rose beautifully and baked nice and light and fluffy. I also use only 2/3 cup water as it turns out like pancake batter with just this much. When I put all the water in I was adding lots of extra rice flour. The last time I made it I had run out of powdered milk so I added 2/3 cup soy flour, now the dough was thick like bread dough. It still turned out great, but I like the powdered milk flavor better. My kids love it and they aren't gluten free.

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cooknchina March 27, 2013
3 Variations of a Gluten Free Bread Recipe - Bread Machine