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I have a similar recipe, but it is the opposite cooking-wise. The ribs are seasoned with your favorite rub, placed on thick sweet onion slices, sealed in foil & steamed at 275 for 2 hours. Then foil is removed, sauce (original Chris 'n Pits) is added and ribs are browned at 350 for 20 mins. each side, then allowed to rest covered on the board for 15-20 mins. before slicing & serving. Also delicious!

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annwhal December 28, 2009

I made ribs the other night using this recipe, as I noticed at the last minute I had no propane for the grill! I guess everything really DOES happen for a reason because I was totally impressed with the outcome. I did have to go an extra twnety minutes as the recipe says may be the case, but the ribs were tender, delicious and actually did "fall off the bone." Thanks, Britta, for sharing your father's recipe.

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ImNottaChef March 16, 2010

I made these for 4th of July! OMGosh, they were so good and easy AND since you line the pan, easy cleanup! Definetly a do-over :)

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michellch July 04, 2009

Very, very good! I used smoked salt instead of regular salt. And added smoked paprika to the spices. Just can't go wrong with this. I will be making these for our next get-together, for sure! My house smells like a barbecue joint!

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Tonda June 11, 2014

Very easy! I prefer to do my ribs over a charcoal grill, but I've been looking at this recipe for a while and wanted to try it. The name is true....the meat just falls off the bone. Very tender and juicy ribs, but without the lovely smoky flavor from the grill. This will be my go-to recipe for ribs whenever it is raining and I can't cook outdoors. But this recipe should come with a warning.....the smell will drive you crazy while you are cooking them! Made for PAC 2013.

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breezermom March 17, 2013

This is the opposite steps of my Mom's Best Ribs. I figured I would try it and by golly it works real well. The house smelled like Sunday did when I was growing up. I used Mom's homemade BBQ sauce too. Your dad and my mom were smiling down on us today! Thanks so much for sharing Britta, and I would recommend your method to newbie chefs just starting out. Made for Pick A Chef Spring 2011.

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ElaineAnn March 07, 2011

I am a terrible cook. I've made ribs before and they were tough. Really tough! I decided to try just one more recipe before giving and I am thrilled that it was this one. I made two racks for a Father's Day cook out. They were the best ribs I have ever tasted! Yes. They were easy, tasty, melt in the mouth tender and... unforgettable. There was not one piece left for me to gnaw on later. So, make a lot of them! I am so very happy that Britta posted this recipe!

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merlann July 03, 2014

What an awesome recipe, it`s so easy and has terrific results. We really enjoyed the ribs prepared this way, they certainly did fall off the bones. The meat was so tender and juicy. Thank you so much for sharing a recipe that we will make often. I served these little babies with amazing mashed potatoes and green bean and finished off with homemade biscuit Strawberry Shortcake...mmmm Thank you for helping to make our Father`s Day meal so special.

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Baby Kato June 16, 2014

wow! yay! these really did turn out! I used beef ribs and put 2 racks in the oven. At first I feared I would have screwed them up due to my foil not coving the whole sheet, i have to overlap the foil, but they kept the steam in and they turned out PERFECT! now, for the low tenting the foil, i had wooden chopsticks laying around, and i cut them about 2 inches, and then i stuck one on each side of the ribs and put 2 in the middle to keep the foil off of the ribs. seemed to be a handy idea.<br/>I cooked them the extra 20 minutes, and i prolly really didnt have to do that, but i figured "hey why not" delicious!

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Ashie W. April 16, 2014

These are the best ribs I've ever made! I rubbed them with paprika, salt & pepper, then did the entire process on the BBQ because it was way too hot to have the oven on in the house. I cooked them a little longer than 2 hours for the final step (and didn't open the foil once) due to the fact that I wasn't sure how accurate my BBQ temp. guage is (about 20 mins.) and they were perfect. My son couldn't get enough! Thanks Britta, this is a keeper!

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Molissalee July 18, 2013
3-Step Fall off the Bone Ribs---- Easy!