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I cannot believe that 3 simple ingredients taste THIS GOOD !!!! This cake whips together in a snap--I used Lukor's Sweet Chocolate and this cake turned out wonderfully--moist, light, and oh-so-delicious...I couldn't ask for anything easier or tastier...This is chocolate nirvana !! Thank you for this recipe !! Teresa

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TGirl,RN March 04, 2004

I LOVE this recipe. I vary the type of chocolate depending on who I'm serving. For chocolate lovers, it's half and half bittersweet/milk. For those less enamored with chocolate, it's all milk chocolate. For me, it's 100% bittersweet. I'm having great fun experimenting with various brands of chocolate. YUMMY. Because extra large eggs can be hard to find in my rural neck of the woods, I just use 7 large ones.

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Haydenscl December 23, 2006

Tried this cake today - thought it would be a good low-carb/low sugar dessert for my diabetic DH. I followed the recipe exactly, and the cake turned out extremely moist & dense -- but the chocolate was way too overpowering - almost bitter. Even DH, who is a sworn chocoholic said it was too much for him. If I were to try making this again, I would either add some sugar (or Splenda), or replace some of the semi-sweet chocolate with milk chocolate. -Mary

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Mary Scheffert January 29, 2006
3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake