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Yum! Yum! Yum! *burp* excuse me... wow this taste so good! Should have done this earlier. I used sugar free everything here, from the sugar to the gelatin. When I made the cheese filling, I froze it instead to make it settle fast, then day after I defrosted it for a few minutes while I made the topping. When I was at this stage, I accidentally placed a tbsp powdered cream...ooops! Thought it was cornstarch! Ugh! So I diluted it a bit with water which was okay since the mixture's so thick (which I just microwaved instead of using a saucepan *teehee* =^_^= )and then drizzled 1/4 c peach juice on the mixture to make it tastier. Chilled and then voila! It's a bit difficult slicing the phyllo though so I left the last bite of cream cheese filling and rolled the dough with it like a bureka. lol Mmmm.. even DH said it was a 5. :) Thanks. 2Bleu!

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Pneuma June 09, 2008
2bleu's Georgia Peach Cream Cheese Tart