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This was pretty good. It tooke me longer than 15 minutes to cook, around 30 minutes, but my chicken breasts were thick. I will definately make it again. Next time I think I will trim the fat off the chicken because my first bite was a big peice of chicken fat and it was yucky. but the rest was great. I didn't cook the chicken in oil, I cooked it in cooking spray to cut some fat out.

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Casie March 24, 2002

Delicious, quick and easy. I've made it numerous times and got a few others addicted to it too. I prefer it without the flour. I've substituted lime for a different taste.

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Karen Robinson July 24, 2010

This was a great recipe. I made it for dinner and my family loved it. Thanks!

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coolio July 18, 2002

This was pretty good. My husband really liked it. I added some cornstarch to the butter in the pan so it would be a thicker sauce. I think next time I would put some honey in the sauce too so it would be a bit sweet. Probably less garlic for my taste - I prefer lemon chicken to have a light lemon taste and this definitely had just the right splash of lemon. I also cooked the chicken in the sauce for about 5 mn or so, so that it would all be nice and combined and the chicken would be nicely sauced.

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CrisaJean October 20, 2009

I was surprised at how very tasty this was, especially since it really did take 15 minutes or less. I served with brown rice made with chicken broth and it was a HUGE hit!

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mjearp May 26, 2010

Delicious! I would double the sauce next time. Made for Healthy choice tag.

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Elaniemay April 26, 2010

Super delicious and super easy. I made this recipe exactly as written, and I thought it was fabulous. I loved the lemon butter flavor and the garlic was enough but not too much. All those flavors complimented the chicken. MizzNezz, I always know where to look for my next meal!!! LOL!! Thanks so much for sharing this keeper!

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Miss Annie April 22, 2010

I made this recipe but with a few slight differences. My family LOVED it. Usually if one kid loves a recipe, the other hates. If both kids love it, then my husband hates it. This was one recipe that everybody loved. When I made this, used thin sliced chicken breasts to avoid pounding them. Also, I used bread crumbs instead of flour and I left out the chicken broth. Instead of the broth, I added one can of slightly drained, sliced mushrooms. I happened to have a whole lemon the day I made this so I squeezed half of the lemon into the pan instead of using lemon juice. Then I sliced the rest of the lemon very thin and sauted it in the pan with the other ingredients before pouring everything over the sauteed chicken. This gave the dish as delicious, intense lemon flavor. I have already made this recipe a second time and this time it was for company. It looks so pretty with the thinly sliced lemon in it.

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dianemom2 December 21, 2009

This was so very good!! More than 5 stars! My chicken took about 30 minutes to cook but next time I will flatten it out so that it's thinner. Both DH and DD said it tasted like something you would get at a resturant. I doubled the sauce and served this over whole wheat pasta. I wish I had some fresh spinach to throw in for the last few minutes. While we were eating I was making a list of people I could invite for dinner to serve this to. I will be making this many times! Thank you!

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cookee monster March 26, 2009

This was delicious! Perfectly tender and juicy, super quick and easy. <br/><br/>I used chicken strips instead of breasts and I doubled the sauce (which wasn't necessary) and it was delicious. I also strained the minced garlic out before pouring over the chicken because my uber picky husband doesn't like to see any garlic, only taste it. lol. <br/><br/>I will absolutely be making this again. Highly recommend!!!

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Jessica R. May 13, 2014
15 Minute Garlic Lemon Chicken