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I made this recipe because I had all the ingredients in my pantry. One thing that isn't mentioned in this recipe is that the rice that you use should be Minute Rice, however, I didn't have any so I used regular white rice. I doubled this recipe and I eliminated the water because I cooked the white rice separately and then added it to the skillet. If you use regular rice this is important. You also don't need as much rice, you can use half as much rice and get a good result. I also added about 1 tsp pepper and 2 T sugar, any recipe that has tomatoes in it is improved by doing this. I also think that if you like spicy food, you could add chilis or hot pepper sauce for some kick. Also another idea to add some extra spice would be to substitute Rotel for the tomatoes. I might give this a try next time. I might try putting this mixture in a tortilla and make a burrito out of it. I think that it would be good this way too.

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The Daycare Lady April 12, 2010

I made this recipe on 2/13/12 for the " Cooking From The Pantry Challenge " event in the Canning/Dehydrating Forum, and most importantly for mine and my SO's dinner. As the meat was browning,I added a bit of garlic powder and some seasoned salt. Instead of using plain diced tomatoes, I used a can of tomatoes that had green peppers,onions, and celery added to them. For the chili, Wolf Brand w/ beans was used.As some of the other reviewers suggested, instant rice was used. I wish I could say that we really liked this,but to us it was just o.k.. If this is made again, I think I'm going to use a can of Ro-Tel to see if that helps " PERK " it up some. Thanks for posting and, " Keep Smiling :) "

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Chef shapeweaver � February 14, 2012

Easy and quick, and you don't need all the ingredients to make it tasty! I did not have the can of tomatoes, so I chopped up a fresh tomato and added some extra water as well as some frozen veggies, also a good teaspoon of chili powder. You should definately use instant rice though, I highly doubt that uncooked rice kernels would soften enough in 5 minutes. Very delicious!

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Roo in the Kitchen February 24, 2010

Made this for my family tonight. Kids loved it. They put them on soft taco shells and added salsa and sour cream. It did take about 5 minutes longer for the rice. Will definately make again.

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Shaye35 November 22, 2009

I believe this would taste much better with real cheddar cheese rather than Velveeta which I believe gave it an unpleasant aftertaste. Also the author called for uncooked white rice which could never soften after standing just five minutes off the burner--it would taste like small pebbles. I believe she meant to say instant (Minute) rice which is what I used.

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suzytx June 24, 2007

I made this tonight and yum! Very FAST and VERY kid friendly. My 6 yr old loved it. He ate it with tortilla chips, sort of scooping it up. It was a little bland for hubby and I, so we added jalepenos to our plates and we were happy. I think next time I will use a can of Rotel instead of the can of tomatoes. I think it would still be mild enough for the little ones.

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Angel91805 March 07, 2005

I have been making this recipe for my 2 yr. old for a while now. Definitely a kid pleaser. Sometimes I also add corn to this dish. Tastes great!

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Tiny_Toodles October 28, 2004
15 Minute Cheesy Chili 'N Rice Skillet