14 Day Unsealed Pickles

READY IN: 336hrs
Recipe by Tarynne

This is not my recipe. Found it on Key Gourmet by Softkey.

Top Review by Scotty Callies Mom

These are fantastic!! My mom has made these for years. My husband eats them like candy. I think tuna salad isn't tuna salad without them. The same goes for potato salad.

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  1. 1ST DAY: Dissolve salt in 1 gallon boiling water.
  2. Pour over cucumbers and let stand overnight.
  3. 2ND DAY: Pour off salt water.
  4. Add 1 gallon boiling water mixed with alum.
  5. Let stand overnight.
  6. 3RD DAY: Pour off alum water.
  7. Add 1 gallon clear boiling water.
  8. Let stand 24 hours.
  9. 4TH DAY: Boil 1 gallon vinegar and spices wrapped in cloth bag.
  10. Boil 15 minutes and pour over drained cucumbers.
  11. Let stand 9 days moving spice bag around each day.
  12. 13TH DAY: Slice or cut pickles and layer alternately with sugar until all sugar is used.
  13. Let stand overnight.
  14. 14TH DAY: Can.
  15. (Sugar will pull juice out of cucumbers and make a syrup.) Recipe calls for unsealed pickles; however, I heat the syrup and pickle slices and pack them in hot jars.
  16. I store these in refrigerator.

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