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Fantastic recipe! I was looking for something whole wheat and this is what I tried first. I don't think I'll be trying any more because this is it! It isn't gooy like many zucchini breads are. This is less of a desert and more of a bread. Love it! -- update, this is great as a loaf of bread or as muffins. Be sure to use about 2 cups of zucchini with excessive water drained.

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LindyFlugelman October 02, 2011

I normally don't review recipes, but this one was too good not to! I'm a big fan of using whole wheat flour. This bread not only tastes delicious, it is moist and raises well! When zucchini is in season (hence coming out of our ears!), I like to grate it and freeze it in 2 cup portions ready for this recipe! The best (and healthiest!) zucchini bread recipe I've found by far! THANK YOU!

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COcook December 04, 2010

I have to say, after all the years I have eaten my mother's Zucchini bread, this is the best. It is so flavorful, with all that cinnamon and sugar and yet it still has the benefits from whole wheat flour. Just like the other review said, the bread is not "gooey" at all. It is so wonderfully delicious. It rose just fine, even though I baked it in a square glass pan instead of a bread pan, it was great! Kudos to whoever came up with this recipe, and thank you. Oh yeah, I used Walnuts from my tree out side, so that could make a difference, but I don't think so. Again, THANK YOU!

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Angeleyes_215 September 05, 2015

After about 11-12 hours since submitting a review, it has not been included. So I will try again, this time with a bit more feedback. The bread is tasty, but it did not rise. I had checked the expiration date on the baking powder before beginning, so I know that's not the problem. The recipe on the website shows only 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder. That doesn't seem like nearly enough for two loaves of bread. It makes me wonder if the baking powder measurement might have been accidentally altered somehow. Another possibility is that I used stevia (in a form for baking) instead of sugar. That should not affect the rising, though. For others who might be diabetic or otherwise wanting to limit your sugar intake, I could not tell that sugar was not used. As I said in the beginning, the bread was tasty.

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kkapp46 April 02, 2015
100% Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread