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Excellent recipe! I made some of the whole wheat pancakes this morning for myself (just to try it out before I made it for my whole family) and they turned out pretty good! I kinda tweaked the recipe though, and added about 6 dashes of nutmeg and 4 dashes of cinnamon. I also threw in 6 drops of agave nectar for sweetness. They tasted delicious but I'm gonna add more nutmeg next time. I ate the pancakes with some apricot jam on top and I was good to go! Thanks, LuckyMomof3!

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aliyakeys March 25, 2012

These were quite good! I added about 1/4 cup flax meal in place of the flour. My DH usually complains when I do this, but he didn't even notice. The sweetness of the pancakes is great for adding additional grain types. I'll probably play around with this in the future, but it's a very good base recipe. I topped with a blueberry/splenda topping, and it was fantastic. Thank you for the great recipe!

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charps January 31, 2012

Though these pancakes are more like a breakfast bread for me, I think they are delicious. This recipe is a great example of how yummy whole wheat can be!
The recipe is very sturdy, meaning you can make changes as you wish and the outcome tends to be pretty similar.
I personally used 1 c of skim milk and 1 c of vanilla flavored coconut milk, just to add some different nutrition to these cakes.
I added 2 T of ground flax meal, which adds to the density of this recipe-if you don't like the denser pancake, I wouldn't add the flax.
I also used 2 egg whites instead of one egg.
Last but not least, I used a brown sugar substitute instead of regular sugar. It makes the pancakes a bit darker.

With a little bit of butter and syrup (I used sugar free) these really taste like a "regular" pancake. Yummmmmm.....this is a good one!!!

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LEASHAtlanta April 19, 2011

For some reason I never have much luck with pancakes. These turned out GREAT! I wanted a whole wheat recipe for my kids. They turned out fluffy and tasty. I am going to freeze some to stick in the toaster for quick breakfasts. Thanks for sharing :)

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mommycool February 14, 2011

These pancakes are amazing - better than restaurant quality and taste! I only made a few substitutions. I used non-fat (skim) milk, 2 packages of Sweet Leaf Stevia, and I substituted no sugar added applesauce for the oil. I did add about 1/4 extra milk so the batter wasn't so thick. I was really surprised at how fluffy they turned out - just perfect! My husband bragged all day to everyone he saw about how good these pancakes were. They actually did not even need syrup and would have been good with fried apples or some apple butter!

I will no longer buy mixes (which we have never found one that was really tasty) and will always make these! I am going to try mixing in some pomegranate next time. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe! And, it was so easy to make!

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LEA97 December 13, 2010

My normally picky eater said "yum!" Thank you for sharing a recipe that is healthy for my family and still tastes good. It was a little too thick for my blender, but I just used a spoon to finish stirring the top into the bottom of the mix.

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esmom98 May 23, 2010

I made these for my 2 year old niece one weekend. When I put the plate in front of her, her eyes lit up and said "Oh my!" They were as delicious as they were pretty. I added blackberries to the batter which I highly recommend.

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Teacher_01 September 28, 2009

These pancakes were delicious! I cut the ingredients to 4 pancakes using the "change servings" option. It still made 5-6 cakes which was plenty the two of us. I added 2 Tbs of ground flax seed to the batter also. After pouring 3 Tbs of batter per cake in my preheated pan I added fresh blueberries. I plated them one ontop of the other with Cool Whip free and fresh cut strawberries in the middle. They were AWESOME!

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kleinekatzchen August 17, 2009

I tried this recipe and it was great! The reviews helped me tweek it a bit to my needs. I too divided the recipe because it's just my husband and me. The key, I think, for the batter to not become thick is to mix all the dry ingredients first adding the liquids last. I too used a blender and immediately poured into a preheated pan. Two things I did differently are 1) substituted Splenda for the sugar and 2) instead of using a whole egg, I used just the white. For you Weight Watchers - 6 servings = 2 pts per serving.

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bquickel5455 June 14, 2009

Mmm, these were very good :) I have never made whole wheat pancakes before, and I was quite impressed with these. I halved the recipe since I'm only feeding one and didn't want to be eating them for a week. The only changes I made were adding the full amount of sugar because I forgot to halve it, adding about a tsp cinnamon, and adding some milk (maybe 1/4 c? I didn't measure...) after the first pancake turned out too thick and not cooked through. I also added some choc. chips to the last two. I will definitely be making these again! Oh, and I used a whole egg, even though I halved everything else. UPDATE: I have now made these a few times, and found that they are especially good topped with applesauce, or smashed strawberries, or even sliced kiwi! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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qotw13 March 13, 2008
100% Whole Wheat Low Fat Pancakes