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Quintessential, Delicious Irish Soda bread! Super Easy to make. I love that this is all whole wheat & not too sweet. Oh, speaking of which, I've just realized I forgot to add the tablespoon of honey! Oh well, because it certainly doesn't need it & it's exactly what I was looking for. This is going to be perfect with stews and hearty Winter recipes. I may even leave the honey out in the future. The raisins add enough balanced sweetness for me. I already found a great sweet Irish soda bread, so for a sweet soda bread, try Cork County Irish Bread.

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Gaia22 December 30, 2011

Fast and easy. Made one with the raisins and one without. I think I liked the one without the raisins better. Great texture. Definitely a keeper, thank you.

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MtlYogini October 01, 2010

I'm having a St. Patrick's Day dinner party, and wanted to serve Irish Soda Bread - but I've never even tasted it, much less made it, before. So I hopped on 'Zaar to find a recipe. I selected this one to try because it is made with 100% whole wheat flour, and I like using whole wheat flour. Second, this didn't have any added sugar (just the molasses or honey). So I gave it a shot. I followed the recipe as stated, using the honey rather than molasses, except I had to make a couple of substitutions - dried sour cherries instead of raisins or currants (I had dried sour cherries, didn't have the others) & I made a buttermilk substitute from milk & lemon juice (1 cup milk, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, stirred it, let it sit while I mixed the dry ingredients) as I didn't have any buttermilk on hand. This bread tastes fabulous! A little sweet, great texture. I can't say if it tastes like traditional Irish Soda Bread (as I have nothing to compare it to), but I was totally satisfied - surprised even - by how delicious this was! Great recipe! Thanks for sharing! I posted a couple of pictures of my bread so you could "see" what I was talking about.

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NELady March 12, 2009

The BEST Irish soda bread I've ever eaten. And even with whole wheat! Excellent. Cut the recipe in 1/2 as we only wanted one loaf. Skipped the raisins and used the yogurt option and the molasses -- went a bit skimpy as we don't do much sugar. Worked well.

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mrzed March 25, 2012

This was great! I've never made a bread before, and this was simple and quick and easy. A great recipe for begginers. Thank you SO much for it!

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Izarii March 17, 2010

I too prefer using whole wheat but it doesn't always work. But this bread was a huge success. I cut the recipe in half (beating the egg first so that I could divide it) but otherwise followed instructions exactly. Great taste and a wonderful texture. Thanks, Becky #7.

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Omm October 18, 2009

This is the best soda bread I've tasted yet. I left the raisins out of it, used yogurt instead of milk as was suggested, and home ground whole wheat flour. The honey added a slight sweet note, but not too sweet for serving with soup, and the butter provided additional depth to the nutty flavor. I'll definitely be making this bread again! Great to have a quick and tasty bread recipe like this when I don't have time to make a yeast bread.

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entropywizard June 19, 2015
100% Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread