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Simply incredible. The softest and nicest whole wheat bread I have ever made. Not a huge riser, but no-knead breads never are, so don't let that throw you off. Stir it up on a weeknight and let it rest in the fridge until the weekend, and then you just pull it out, plop in in a loaf pan or on a parchment and away you go. You barely have to do anything to finish up with stunning bread. (Just as a side note, I have only ever made this with white whole wheat flour, and so can't speak to the flavor or texture of a brown whole wheat loaf. I have read that you can sub in 1/2 to 3/4 c of orange juice to mellow the bitterness of brown whole wheat flour without making your bread taste like orange.) Definitely give this one a bash, and I'll be willing to bet you never go back to your old whole wheat recipe.

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Erin R. March 29, 2010

This is my first (but not my last) no-knead bread. I loved it. I made two loaves right after the initial rise and they were very good. I made another large loaf a couple of days later and the bread was appreciably better. I am looking forward to trying the honey variation.

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Chef Kate June 30, 2011

Here is another satisfied reviewer with a belly full of dense, delicious bread! I have tried the "traditional" version from these authors (posted elsewhere on food.com) but had until now been nervous to go whole hog on the whole wheat. It turned out great, though! The dough was a bit sticky looking, but I noticed that as I pulled a piece off it really wasn't all that sticky and I didn't need to add extra flour or anything. I would like to try this in a loaf pan next, as I would like to try and keep it from spreading out as much as a free-form loaf. I did pull mine out at about 25 minutes, as the crust was getting rather brown and the inside was finished. I had the same issue with the other version of this recipe so it may be my oven. Thanks so much for posting, WICC! Made for Veg Swap 35.

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smellyvegetarian June 06, 2011

Fabulous whole wheat bread. It's super easy, too. I have the authors other artisan no-knead bread cookbook and just fell in love with the technique. I was so excited to try this whole wheat version from their Healthy Bread cookbook. My bread did a great job of rising! Although, my first loaf is on the small side (it's really cute!). Next time I will tear off a bigger-than-grapefruit size piece of dough to bake. The taste and texture is fabulous. Best part? I have 3-4 more loaves-worth of dough waiting in my fridge. This will be a good week!

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LifeIsGood March 13, 2011

Lovely bread and sooooo easy!! I think my mixture is a little teeny wet, so I will add a little more flour to it - it spread out more than I'd have liked, but I'm sure a bit more flour will remedy that. I used Harvest Grain Blend for Bread as the grain mix to sprinkle on top - it looks gorgeous! This is definately a keeper! Thanks, WICC! Recipenapped for Veggie Swap 21.

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Katzen April 17, 2010
100% Whole Wheat Bread, Plain and Simple (No-Knead)