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I've been using this recipe for a while, so I figured it was finally time to leave a review for this amazing bread! I am dairy-free, so I make a few modifications to the original recipe. Where the recipe calls for adding 2 cups of water 1/2 cup of dry milk, I add 1 cup of water 1 cup milk substitute (whatever I have on hand--soy, almond, or even coconut milk). I exchange honey for the sugar, and I use melted coconut oil for the fat. Lately I've been buying white whole wheat flour and using it for this bread, and it works very, very well (although it really is still light and airy with regular whole wheat flour!). I am so glad I found this recipe! Thank you for sharing it, @Narshmellow!

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freedak June 23, 2012

Finally a whole wheat bread that is not dense and does not contain all-purpose white flour. I used the recommendations for the weighed measurements by another review and it was perfect. Also followed the suggestion of honey instead of sugar and milk (with reduced water) instead of dry milk. The bread machine is being tossed to the curb.

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Amy in Kansas June 06, 2012

Finally my search for the perfect 100% whole wheat bread comes to an end:) This bread rose beautifully, has perfect texture,cuts well and tastes really great. What more could one ask for?
Oh.. and the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for posting.

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stevoph March 05, 2012

Yummy! I'm a beginner but I still produced a great bread with excellent results! Though, my bread didn't form a nice poof that characterizes a sandwich bread when going into the oven- it may have been my finger that punctured the dough when transporting it, but it deflated- Nevertheless, it was still fluffy on the inside and a crunchy, crusty load!

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riikah August 21, 2010

Excellent! I was looking for a soft supermarket style bread that my kids would eat, but without all the preservatives. I recommend this recipe unconditionally. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I reduced the salt to 2/3 Tbsp, and I used King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour. This is definitely worth a try. One caveat: The recipe uses a lot of flour. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and it can handle it, but just barely. Thank you for a fabulous recipe!!!

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RudyH February 09, 2010

Amazing. Wheat bread that is nearly as light as a commercial sandwich loaf. I do recommend using a heavy duty stand mixer. There is no way my Artisan could have mixed this without overheating but my P600 which I use for bread kneaded the dough well and only got a little warm. I heated my oven for 30 seconds on the warm setting while the dough was kneading, turned the oven off and opened the door a little. I set the bowl inside with the door slightly ajar to rise. It was the most beautiful dough to work with. Just by looking at it I knew the loaves would be light and high and they were. I followed another reviewer's advice and reduced the bake time. I did 15 minutes at 375 and 14 minutes at 350. The internal temp was at 200 degrees. I brushed the loaves with egg white and sprinkled on Everything Bagel topping (King Arthur) before baking. It gave the bread a nice added flavor. My family loves this recipe, thanks so much for sharing.

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Brenda. January 23, 2010

Excellent bread recipe! I actually started out wanting to halve this recipe but forgot and made the whole batch. The motor on my 5qt Kitchenaid was smelling burnt 2 min into the kneading, so I split the dough and kneaded separately. A few notes - I only had regular active dry yeast (it was fine), used a little over 5 cups of white whole wheat flour, nonfat instant dry milk instead of baker's dry milk, 6 rounded tbsp of gluten, honey instead of the sugar and about 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds (terrific addition). I accidentally let it rise for almost 90 min the first rise - it almost trebled. But I just punched it down gently, kneaded some and shaped it. Turned out fine. Thanks for the recipe, Narshmellow!

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Dimpi October 29, 2009

MMmmmm.... aaaahhhh.... ooooohhhh... this is sooooooo... mmmmm... deliccccciiious!!! I am getting more and more into bread baking - artisan breads, whole wheat breads, etc. and this is going to be one of my regulars for sure. I took the tip from Chef and used 1/4 cup of hone instead of white sugar, but aside from that I used the recipe exactly as written. The result was two of the brownest, tenderest, lightest loaves of 100% whole wheat bread I could ever imagine turning out in my own kitchen. Absolutely fabulous. Gracias, Narshmellow - this is a winner!

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queen-o-my-kitchen September 26, 2009

O...M....G! This bread turned out FANTASTIC! Like many others, I've tries using various whole wheat bread-bread machine recipes and they all gave me dense and overly chewy loaves.... until I tried yours that is. I followed your recipe to the T, and whenever you quoted a rising time of 45mins-1hour, I went with the longer duration of time. Also, I sprayed some water on the loaves when they were baking at 5 mins, 15 mins and 25 mins - this made the crust EXACTLY like store bought bread. This is the ONLY recipe i will use from now on. I previously felt like I HAD to add white flour to my whole wheat dough to get the "Store-bought" bread porosity and texture, but I was SO wrong. I'm going to try making this bread with my multigrain bread flour next time too - wish me luck! : ).. thank you sooooooo much for posting!!!!

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Anna the Foodie April 27, 2009

I love, love, LOVE this bread! The recipe is awesome - clear instructions make it simple enough for bread making noobs like myself. It's very easy to mix/knead in my Kitchen Aid mixer, and the rising times are spot on. What's more, the taste is phenomenal! My family can't wait for it to come out of the oven every Saturday afternoon. I don't buy bread anymore, I make this recipe weekly. Thanks for sharing it, Narshmellow!

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GimlisGirl April 07, 2009
100% Whole Wheat Bread (Non-Dense/Heavy, White Bread Texture)