100% Whole Wheat Bread (1lb Bread Machine)

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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

I adapted this from a recipe found on the KAF website after finding out there's no good recipes out there for 1lb bread machines. I'm attempting to cut out all processed foods and refined grains and this makes a great everyday whole wheat bread with a light texture. Don't omit the gluten - it's essential if you want to make bread rather than a concrete block. I am at over 6000ft in elevation - you may need to add another .5tsp of yeast for proper rise at sea level.

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  1. Add ingredients in order listed to your bread machine. If your bread machine specifies dry ingredients should be added first, reverse the order in which ingredients are added. Use the basic (not the whole wheat) cycle on your bread machine.
  2. Try subbing 1/2c rye flour and adding 1tsp of caraway seeds for a delicious seeded rye!