10 Minute (Fat-Free) Veggie Soup for One

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This a an easy no fat light lunch. Obviously, you can customize with adding your favorite herbs and or veggies, but I like it best this way!

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  1. Put all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer until veggies are tender.
Most Helpful

I was pleased to find this recipe as I am living single now. I just made 1/2 batch of the cabbage soup of the famed diet and had to throw half of it out. But this soup makes an amount just right for me. Actually it was enough for twice. didn't find the bouillon cubes so I used prepared vegetable broth. If I find the cubes, next time I will just add a cube to that. I will also try chicken broth another time. This is a soup I will make again and again. It's a delicious was of getting some of my daily vegetables. Made for Aussie #17.

Lorraine of AZ June 08, 2008

This recipe is very healthy and tastes quite good. I think I'd have to add some extra seasoning to it to make it regularly. I didn't have to add any salt....the vegetable bouillon cubes were salty enough for all of the soup and seasoned the veggies nicely. Thanks for sharing!

breezermom January 08, 2011

I was amazed at how simple and yet delicious this recipe was. I didn't put any cabbage in it & I added more pepper and a little minced garlic. This is so good, cheap, easy, and healthy.. I will be using this as a base recipe for many vegetable soups. I highly recommend serving it with a pat of butter melted in -- very good. I would also like to try this with egg noodles. Thanks for the recipe!

~heidi~ January 20, 2009