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Two thumbs up! Made with whole wheat tortillas. Unfortunately, there was no pepperoni on hand, but no one seemed to mind or know the difference. I would love to try this with salami, so maybe next time I will! Very versatile and easy to change up depending on what you have in the fridge. Plus, there are some great suggestions listed from other reviewers. Thanks, Megs..it was delish!

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Jug O'Mud May 07, 2011

Quick and simple, and gosh....this was GOOD! I used a slice of ham, a slice of salami (deli - not the hard kind) some provolone, some mozzerella, a few sliced olives, 5 pepperoni (I microwaved them in a paper towel a few seconds to remove some of the oil) and most importantly, some finely minced pickled peppers which added a WONDERFUL flavor. I just folded it like a burrito. It was so tasty that I'm going to make one for my husband's lunch tomorrow - and mine too! It tasted just as good as the stromboli I make with bread dough that is a lot of work to make. I will be making this often! THANKS for a terrific idea!

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Nana-Banana May 05, 2008

I used shrd. fiesta blend cheese, and only filled the tortilla half way than folded over to microwave. I didn't roll this up. Only cut it in half. They loved this. Thank You!

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lets.eat April 01, 2008

I used small tortillas. Maybe it could be better with bigger tortillas. Cause I had trouble to fit all inside. My BF ate 2 and I ate 1 stromboli. We really liked it. Next time we'll try with different cheese. It's a good idea for lunch. Thanks Megs. Made for PAC Fall 2007

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Boomette September 17, 2007

Make HEALTHIER! I made this using thinly sliced green pepper in place of ham. I also used turkey pepperoni, reduced fat cheese and low carb tortillas. These changes brought the total number of calories down to 297 and 16g of fat. (Fat content still high, but better.) We dipped ours in Easy Pizza Sauce. Delicious!

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jVo March 01, 2008
1 Minute Stromboli